101 Best Arizona Quotes and Arizona Puns

101 Best Arizona Quotes and Instagram Captions

Arizona Quote: Are you looking for Quotes about Arizona? I’ve included Arizona Quotes, Arizona Puns, and Arizona Sayings on this list along with Arizona Captions for Instagram.

Arizona Bucket List

Arizona is known as the Grand Canyon State and I have over 50 post on Arizona if you are looking for inspiration to travel to Arizona.

Below are an assortment of inspiring Arizona quotes that will work for just about any Instagram caption. So whether you specialize in travel, lifestyle, food, motherhood, or style niches, these quotes are such to catch your audience’s attention.

They may even stop and smile because these quotes are the very inspiration they’re looking for. You can also check out my post on Grand Canyon Quotes for more.

Arizona Quotes for Instagram

Below are tons of awesome and super cool Arizona Quotes that will definitely make people stop and think about what they just read. This is a great sign since people are stopping to consider your photos and are not just scrolling past it.

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The people of Arizona, they’ve been very warm and welcoming. -Tyrann Mathieu

Arizona – I’ve only spent a few days there, but it’s inspired me the most. It’s so peaceful. -Benjamin Clementine

Almost everyone in the world knows something about Arizona, and some of it is even true. -Jim Turner

Arizona… a land where a good spring is far better than a gold mine. -E.E.A

In the empire of the desert, water is the king and shadow is the queen. -Mehmet Murat İldan

“My favorite color? The seam of a desert horizon.” -Eileen R. Tabios

Oh my gorgeous Arizona, here’s to getting caught with you.” -“Waiting for My Sun to Shine” by The Maine

“Welcome to Arizona, where summer spends the winter.” -Unknown

“I believe in a benevolent God not because He created the Grand Canyon or Michelangelo, but because He gave us snacks.”― Paul Rudnick

“In the Grand Canyon, Arizona has a natural wonder which is in kind absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world” – Theodore Roosevelt

“Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time” – Lyndon B. Johnson

“Crying. Acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon”. – Ron Swanson 

Arizona Captions about its Beauty

Arizona – I’ve only spent a few days there, but it’s inspired me the most. It’s so peaceful. -Benjamin Clementine

The Arizona desert takes hold of a man’s mind and shakes it.- David W. Toll

“Welcome to Arizona, where summer spends the winter and hell spends the summer.” – Unknown

My idea of heaven is being in Arizona, stuck up a mountain – somewhere where there are no phones. -Gavin Esler

Arizona is gorgeous. The sunshine in Arizona is a gorgeous red. -Cecilia Bartoli

Funny Arizona Quotes

Arizona day trips

“Anytime that the Arizona Cardinals play football, I scream at the top of my lungs at the television. And I have certain dances that I do.” – Blake shelton

“i lived in Arizona, and I thought Florida was in California because I thought oranges came from the same place.” – Jennifer Rubin

“Growing up in Arizona, I love fireworks, shooting off bottle rockets and m80s.” – Dierks Bentley

“I was raised in Arizona, and I went to public school, and the extent of my knowledge of the civil-rights movement was the story of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther king, jr. I wonder how much my generation knows.” – Emma stone

“I speak as much spanish as anyone who has grown up in southern California or Texas or Arizona. I had my three years of high-school spanish and a couple of semesters in college.” – Will ferrell

Arizona State Nicknames

The Grand Canyon State

The Copper State

The Apache State

Sweetheart State

The Sunset State

The Sunshine State

Valentine State

The Baby State

Arizona Slogans

Grand Canyon in April
Amazing Landscape scenery at sunset from South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, United States

Get your Kicks on Route 66

Right of California

The show me your papers state

Soon to be the Pacific Coast State

Grand Canyon – A date with nature

Earth’s Mighty Crack

Nature’s work of art

We are 49th in lots of stuff

Because someone has to be 49th in everything

Number 1 in our hearts, Number 50 in everything else

Where temperatures are higher than test scores

Arizona Puns

Stop Mesa‘n around!

In Arizona, you’ll find everything from A to Z.

Arizona, we’re always on the same Page.

Arizona, Yuma favorite state.

Let’s Ant-elope Canyon away

Arizona Desert Puns

The Great Arizona Desert is full of the bleaching bones of people who waited for me to start something.

“Yes, but it’s a dry heat.”

“You know you’re from Arizona when you feed your chickens ice cubes to keep them from laying hard-boiled eggs.”

Arizona is gorgeous. The sunshine in Arizona is gorgeous red.

The Arizona Desert takes hold of a man’s mind and shakes it. – David W. Toll

Nowhere on this planet is the desert as fascinating as it is in Arizona – Joseph Stacey

Even the plants in Arizona wanted to hurt you. – Janette Rallison

“What most people don’t understand is that ufos are on a cosmic tourist route. That’s why they’re always seen in Arizona, Scotland, and New Mexico. Another thing to consider is that all three of those destinations are good places to play golf. So there’s possibly some connection between aliens and golf.” – Alice cooper

“The great Arizona desert is full of the bleaching bones of people who waited for me to start something.” – Robert benchley

Sayings about Arizona

“Any boredom you might have will evaporate in the heat.”

“Welcome to Arizona, where summer spends the winter and hell spends the summer.”

“You know you live in phoenix when the cold-water faucet is hotter than the hot-water faucet.” 

“In Arizona we salt margaritas, not sidewalks.”

“Arizona: at least we’re not Alabama”

Phoenix, Arizona Quotes

“Phoenix heat survival tip: drink plenty of water and repeat to yourself: the cost of living is low and the winters are spectacular” – unknown

“I went to Phoenix, Arizona for ‘angel unchained,’ and they’d hire the bike gang from Phoenix to be extras in the movie.” – Larry bishop

Let’s pack up and catch us a slow train, and go back to phoenix to a far brighter day.” – Waylon jennings

“The make-a-wish foundation started with one wish out of phoenix, Arizona, and the organization has grown so grand ever since.” – Ainsley Earnhardt

“It’s a difficult world for lots of child actors, and it’s difficult to be a teenager under any circumstances. Add to that notoriety and fame, and things can go really wrong. But I had a terrific family and grew up very normal in Phoenix.” – Peter Billingsley

“the culinary scene in phoenix is incredible.” – Clive Cussler

“I think about me and my dad taking a road trip from Phoenix to Nashville when I was He’s no longer here with me, but I still drive that same 1994 chevy truck. I never have bought a new car.” – Dierks Bentley

“Phoenix is an interesting example. Drive around and see the golf courses everywhere, and you see people’s big green lawns. And you live in a desert! I’ve always remarked about the capacity of human beings to look at somewhere and move there because of its uniqueness and its beauty and then change it.” – Philippe Cousteau, jr.

“I never tire of the drive from Phoenix to San Diego, and it is mostly desert, obviously, but you get different varieties of desert terrain.” – Rob halford

Arizona Instagram Captions

Grand Canyon in April
Amazing Landscape scenery at sunset from South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, United States

Arizona? More like Arid-zona

In Arizona, you’ll find everything from A to Z.

Less Monday, more summer, please.

Girls just wanna have sun!

“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” — Henry David Thoreau

“The summer night is like a perfection of thought.” — Wallace Stevens, “The House Was Quiet and the World Was Calm”

“Some of the best memories are made in flip-flops.” — Kellie Elmore

“In Arizona we salt margaritas, not sidewalks.” —Unknown

“Arizona, our beautiful state, was built on mining.” —Jan Brewer

“You know you’re an Arizona native when you hug a cactus only once in your lifetime.” —Nancy Dedera

“The sunshine in Arizona is gorgeous.” -Cecilia Bartoli

“Source of inspiration for best and present men.” -Earl Bloss

“The sun never stops shining in Arizona.” -Unknown

“The earth has music for those who listen.” -William Shakespeare

“Arizona: Because you don’t shovel sunshine.” -Unknown

Arizona Puns / Puns about Arizona

It’s Arizona? I thought Arid zone-a!

Is it Tucson to make a joke about Arizona?

The only thing that grows in Phoenix is the crime rate!

Canyon feel the love tonight?

The Grand Canyon is just gorges.

You’re one in Ver-milion

Your poem about the Grand Canyon was too deep.

How does the Grand Canyon study? With cliff notes!

We’re having a Grand time!

Canyon dig it?

Arizona is so hot that you can fry an egg on the sidewalk!

Forrest Gump chose Alabama over Arizona because he wanted an academic challenge.

Planning an Arizona Road Trip:  There is so much to do and see in Arizona you will not be disappointed.

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