17 Best Camping Fans for 2023 – Rated and Reviewed

Best Camping Fans Buying Guide – Battery Operated Fans for Camping

We’ve all been there.  It’s the middle of summer and you’re in the tent with all of the ventilation open yet its still hot.  That’s where camping fans come in.

The best camping fans can be either battery operated or solar or even a plug in fan.  This list is sure to contain the best camping fan for you and your needs.

When looking for a camping fan, battery operated may seem like the way to go but you need to check the run time of the batteries.

This list will help you find camping fans for tents as I have included battery operated camping fan, portable camping fan, rechargeable camping fan, camping fan light, and fans for camping.

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The 17 Best Camping Fans for Tents

Odorland Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan Camp Fan

The Odorland Portable LED camping lantern with ceiling fan is a very versatile light and fan that you can use for both camping and emergency situations. The fan can run up to 50 hours (low speed) or up to 30 hours (high speed) from a set of batteries. If you use both the light and fan at a low speed, it can run up to 16 hours. 

It only requires 2D cell batteries and you don’t need to charge or carry a charger with you. The fan moves the air adequately to keep you cool in the heat when the power is off. The design of the fan blades are made for powerful performance but quite air flow. 

It has multiple functions you can ether hang as a fan or lamp or stand as a fan. It has built in handle with hanging hook lightweight and portable. It has dimensions of 6.25 x 6.25 x 7.25 inches.

Price: $16.99 

Pros: Lightweight, portable, multi-purpose 

Cons: Requires to change the batteries from time to time

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O2cool Treva 10-Inch Portable Desktop Air Circulation Battery Camping Fan

The O2cool portable air circulation fan is a battery operated fan perfect for staying cool when the power goes out or even when you are camping.

You can set the powerful two-speed, 10-inch blade of this fan either high or low speed depending on your needs. It runs on six D-cell batteries with an approximate run time of 43 hours (low) and 24 hours (high). 

The fans are very convenient and has a built-in-handle for you to carry it easily and conveniently. Plus, it comes with an AC adapter in case you need to extend the periods of cooling without changing the batteries. It is ground based so you may have to place it in a sturdy surface. 

Price: $24.97 

Pros: Dual power sources, bigger blades, longer run time 

Cons: Batteries not included when your purchase it 

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Reenuo 4400mAh Camping Fan with LED Lights small portable fan

This camping fan is carefully designed to support vertical and horizontal 360 degree rotation manually and you can even adjust the direction of the wind. It has a 3 speed-setting feature that allows you to choose the speed of the wind that your prefer. 

It has a long battery life with replaceable and rechargeable 4400 mAH and it can last for 4.5 to 40 hours after being fully charged. It has also a lighting function that you can use for 147-440 hours depending on the brightness. 

It comes with a 100cm USB charging cable that is small and convenient and you can charge the fan by computer, laptop, mobile power, USB charger, mobile phone adapter, car charger, etc. And what is amazing is that you can use simultaneously the fan and lights. 

This tent fan has has a hidden built-in hook a the bottom where you can hang it anywhere. And you can also place it on the table or mount on the wall which is why this tent fan is perfect for outdoor activities. 

Price: $22.99

Pros: Long battery life, rechargeable, small, safe for kids, durable 

Cons: Can take some time to charge 

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Amazon Battery Fan for Camping 

This small yet powerful and portable fan has a 3-speed settings that allows you to choose the airflow of your preference. It has 4 D-cell batteries that can last for 14 hours at high speed, 46 hours at medium speed and 214 hours at low speed which is very perfect for how many days of camping. 

This portable fan with handle can rotate 180 degrees and lets you take the fresh air directly to your face. Its built-in handle lets you carry the fan easily and conveniently. 

The noise level of this fan is only 50 db and perfect for people who are light sleepers. And it has a timer that you can set for 1, 3 or 5 hours which is very convenient. This 5 inch desk fan can also be powered by USB cable. 

Price: $26.99

Pros: Long lasting battery, whisper quiet 

Cons: Pricey 

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Outdoor Battery Powered Camping Fan Rechargeable

Outdoor travel fan is equipped with two rechargeable 2600 mAh batteries and can last for 6 to 9 hours. It’s very easy to clean and it comes with upgraded detachable metal frame and has a metal base that you can adjust 360 degrees which makes it easier to carry around for camping use or hang on the wall. 

Its noise is less than 40dB which creates a quiet environment to get a good night sleep. You can be at ease with this fan because it comes with several power supply options so you can use it on batteries or via USB by connecting to a computer, power bank, etc. 

Price: $29.99

Pros: Easy to clean, stable, quieter fan, adjustable metal frame

Cons: cannot be charged with regular battery 

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02Cool Treva 10-Inch 2 Speed Battery Powered Fan for camping with Adjustable LED Lights – Camping Fan Light

This 10-inch portable camping fan has a 2-speed fan that keeps you cool while providing 3 adjustable settings of light. It runs on 6-D batteries for outdoor fun blackouts. The battery run time is 53 hours (low) and 20 hours (high). 

The fan is designed for convenience and it comes with its own carrying case with handle for easy travel and portability. The fan also has an AC adapter port just in case you want to use it at home or in the office. The diameter of its patented blade is 10” which offers a wide range of cooling everywhere. 

It has also an adjustable LED lights that you an use for personal lighting outside or in your home. 

Price: $31.99

Pros: Powerful 2 speed cooling system, multi-functional

Cons: There is risk of leakage from the batteries if installed incorrectly. 

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Geek Aire Rechargeable Outdoor Floor High Velocity Battery Operated Fan for Camping

This cordless fan is built with high quality lithium-ion battery of 15600mAh which is able to provide a continuous run time of up to 24 hour. It also comes with a 24V AC power charger for your indoor use. The power charger can fully recharge the fan within 4-5 hours. 

It has a 12-inch metal fan blade and powerful brushless DC motor deliver high performance airflow up to 1500 CFM. It has also an LED battery gauge indicator on control box so you can keep track of its battery life. 

Price: Price Unavailable 

Pros: Dual power supply

Cons: Heavy

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Comlife Battery Powered Fan Camping with Clip on Portable Fan 

This portable clip in fan has 4400 mAh large capacity batteries that allows you to use it for 6 to 32 hours depending on the speed that you choose. Batteries are replaceable and rechargeable and it has USB charging by a computer, power bank, USB charger cellphone adapter, car charger etc. 

This is a multi-functional fan that you can use as a desktop fan, clip on fan, or aroma fan. It supports vertical and horizontal 360 degree rotation which makes it ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. 

It has high quality brushless motor with maximum wind speed of 10.5ft/s and a lower noise of 40db. The USB output port on the clap makes this mini fan a power bank in case of emergency or power outage. 

Price: $22.99 

Pros: Multi power supply options, multi functional 

Cons: rechargeable batteries cannot be replaced with regular batteries 

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Dizaul Portable Battery Fan Camping – Best Portable Fan

This is the best portable fan and is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. You can put it beside your bed, computer desk, sofa, car, or even on camping. It has a three speed level control and LED light on side for emergency lighting use. 

It is equipped with a 2600 mAh battery that is compatible with digital cameras, tablets, or smartphones. Its ergonomic palm-sized design makes it easy for you to carry outdoors for camping activities. Plus, you can choose from its 3 speed settings that has a run time of 3.7 to 6.5 hours and it has a charging time of 4 hours. 

Price: Price Unavailable 

Pros: You can use both outdoor and indoor use 

Cons: Fan can’t be worked without lithium battery in 

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Opolar Small Handheld Battery Powered Fans for Camping

This handheld battery operated fan can last for 2.8 to 11 hours and mind you, this has only one battery. There are two rechargeable 2200mAh batteries that are provided when your purchase them. 

Although the fan is small, its airflow is powerful (4.9m/s) and you can adjust it to low, medium, and high depending on your preference. Plus, the fan can be adjusted from 0 degrees to 180 degrees. 

Price: $17.99

Pros: foldable, small, easy to hold in hand or fit in bag

Cons: handheld 

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Opolar 9-Inch Battery Powered Rechargeable Camping Fan

This 9-inch camping fan runs on one or two rechargeable battery. One battery can last for 5 to 7 hours, while two batteries can last for 8 to 11 hours. This fan can also be drove with a 5V USB cable or Li-ion battery. You can also charge the fan via USB to use with computers, power banks, or wall adapters. 

The fan produces a great air and runs very quietly that it will give you peace when you sleep or when working. The head of the fan can be adjusted 360 degree up and down so you can choose the wind direction. 

Price: $34.99 

Pros: Big 

Cons: Cannot be run with regular battery except 18650 battery

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Opolar Portable Battery Operated Desk Fan with Superpower Battery 

This is the first cordless tower fan with super power battery that can work up to 12 hours. This fan is suitable for anywhere you want to be. It has turbine blades and driven by dual motors this giving you fresh and strong wind in the hot summer but with very quiet movement. 

It can be tuned to different angles and at least two people can enjoy the cool at the same time. This USB and battery operated fan provides 100-degree oscillation in the horizontal direction for fast and wide circulation. And it also allows you to rotate the fan 360 degrees vertically for better personal cooling. It has a low noise of .42db and fast charging of 6 to 7 hours. 

Price: $49.99

Pros: two people can enjoy it at the same time

Cons: longer charging time 

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O2COOL Treva 10-Inch 2 Speed Battery Powered Portable Fan with Adjustable LED Lights 

This camping fan with a super battery will keep you cool the entire day while providing 3 adjustable settings of light. Its very portable and it runs on 6-D batteries. Its great for camping and other outdoor activities because the base pivots independently for stability on uneven surfaces. 

The battery run time of this fan is 53 hours (low) and 20 hours (high). The fan comes with an AC adapter port so you will be able to plug it in the wall of your bedroom or office. It has a built-in handle for you to carry it easily. 

Price: $31.99

Pros: It comes with LED lights, base pivots independently, stable

Cons: Too big

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Coleman CPX 6 Lighted Tent Fan with Stand

This portable battery fan and lighted tent fan gets the air circulating around your tent when you are camping. All you have to do is set the magnetic base on the ceiling where you want to place it, and then attach the steel plate from the outside, or set it o the floor with the fold-out stand. 

This quiet and durable fan offers high and low settings depending on your preference. And the CPX system compatibility lets you choose your power: 4-D cell batteries, a CPX 6 rechargeable power cartridge, or a CPX 6 A/C adaptor cartridge.

There is also a built-in stand included when you purchase this product so that you can use it as a freestanding fan. 

The run time is 10 hours on high, and 30 hours on low. The foam blades are soft to touch which makes it user friendly and safe for kids. 

Price: $ 18.05

Pros: Multiple power supply options, cheaper 

Cons: Low run time

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Retailery Portable Battery Operated Water Misting Cooling Fan Spray Bottle – Small battery operated fan

This portable battery-operated misting cooling fan is very convenient that you can bring it anywhere. It is operated with two AA batteries that will power the soft flexible but powerful fan blades to blow and the water reservoir has a wide opening which is big enough to fit ice cubes for cooler mist. 

Price: $9.98

Pros: Portable Small Travel Fan

Cons: Fan blades are too small

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Ryobi P3320 120V AC or 18V ONE+ Dual Power Portable Hybrid Electric Fan

The Ryobi P3320 18V portable fan is sure to keep you cool and airy during your camping activity. The design of this portable fan is very compact and makes it easier for you to carry from one place to another as it has a built-in handle. It has also multiple hanging options and screw mounting holes. 

However, this fan runs off Ryobi 18V ONE+ battery only. 

Price: $69.95

Pros: compact, multiple hanging options, battery operated outdoor fan 

Cons: Pricey

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Honeywell Turbo Portable Folding Fan

This folding fan is capable of saving you up to 50% energy compared to AC motor fans. This Honeywell Turbo fan includes one speed and Turbo Force that can be felt even from 3 feet away. 

You can operate this fan through USB cord, battery, or your own electrical adapter. There is a carrying/hanging handle that is capable of traveling with you on the go. 

Price: $18.10

Pros: Affordable 

Cons: 1 speed 

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Things to think about when choosing a tent fan

How long do you need it to run or what is the runtime?

If you are going camping for days, go for fans that can run up to 40 hours if you set it on low speed. This helps you stay cool especially during hot summer. There are also camping fans that can last for 30 days if you set the speed on high. 

How do you charge the fan? Is it battery powered, electric or solar powered?

Camping fans have different power supplies. Some types of fans are battery operated, fans with cords, chargeable fans, USB operated fans, cordless fans. If you are going for a longer camping trip, look for a camping fan that can support USB charging so that you will be able to charge whenever it runs out of battery or at least the batteries are rechargeable. 

How portable do you need it to be? 

One of the few things that you need to consider when buying camping fans is its portability. If you are camping for days, I suggest that you go for camping fans that are portable enough to comfortably put in a gear pocket or in your backpack. Camping fans should not take so much space inside your backpacks especially when you are going for camping because remember that you have other important things to bring.

Noise – is it going to be loud?

When looking for camping fans, look for a fan that will not disturb you or others especially at night. It would be a great hassle if you bring a fan that creates a  big noise and you will not surely enjoy your sleep during camping 

Type – does it hang or is it ground based 

There are different type of camping fans that you can buy in the market nowadays. But the top three camping fans in terms of portability that you can choose are: table fans, handheld fans, and fans that can be worn on neck. 

Table Fans are the most common type of fans that you can see in the market nowadays. You can also find them in any house or office table. This type of portable fan are placed in a sturdy surface such as desk and it provides less air flow than those normal and full-sized fans. You can also tilt its head to adjust the flow direction. 

Handheld Fans. This type of camping fan is small and compact that yiu can carry them in a bag or even your pocket. This is considered as the most well-loved portable fans by travelers and campers because of its size. 

Hanging Fans. This type of camping fan leaves your hands free as you can hang them anywhere inside your tent. Plus there are kinds of fans that can support horizontal and vertical 360 degrees rotation.

Conclusion: Best Camp Fans

If you are looking for a small portable fan or tent fans to use on your next camping trip, you can’t go wrong with the O2COOL Treva outdoor portable fan.  This is the best camping fan and the best portable fan.

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