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Best Desserts SLC: Are you looking for a sweet treat in Salt Lake City? This list of the best desserts in Salt Lake City has something for everyone.

best desserts in salt lake city

There are so many unique desserts in Salt Lake City that you won’t find elsewhere. I have put together this list of the tastiest treats. Enjoy!

15 Best Desserts in Salt Lake City, Utah – to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

Cinnamon: Cinnaholic

Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet and sticky cinnamon bun? If you enjoy cinnamon, you should visit Cinnaholic for some of Salt Lake City’s tastiest treats.

Photo Courtesy of Cinnaholic dessert places in salt lake city

Despite essentially only providing cinnamon rolls, this lovely little restaurant gives customers a ton of fantastic choices. At Cinnaholic, you can easily fulfill your dreams of cinnamon-filled cupcakes thanks to the more than twenty icing options available, as well as fantastic toppings like graham crackers and marshmallows.

The fact that each meal is vegan, dairy- and egg-free makes it the perfect option for people with allergies or intolerances, which is another reason why this establishment is known for having the best sweets in Salt Lake City.

What more could you ask for from Salt Lake City’s best desserts?

Brownies from Brownies Brownies Brownies

These brownies are amazing. They are, in fact, so amazing that you will give them three cheers. Now, if you visit this store, you won’t want to think about watching calories.

dessert salt lake city

These brownies are undoubtedly some of Salt Lake City’s tastiest desserts, but they are also quite calorie-dense. You will experience a lasting change as soon as you take a mouthful of one of these brownies. Fudge brownies, minty brownies, and even churro brownies are possibilities.

There is something for everyone here thanks to the vast menu. You must visit Brownies if you want to try some of Salt Lake City’s best desserts! Brownies! Off your list, brownies.

Cookies: Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl Cookies is another fantastic option for the best dessert spots in Salt Lake City. Since they first opened their doors in 2017, Crumbl Cookies have become a Utah institution, and these ooey, gooey pieces of delight are unquestionably some of the best desserts in Salt Lake City.

salt lake city dessert
Photo Courtesy of Crumbl Cookies salt lake city dessert

These guys began in Salt Lake City, but they have since spread to over 11 states, spreading joy! Crumbl Cookies has had amazing growth, all of which can be attributed to the fact that they offer the best sweets in Salt Lake City for those who adore cookies.

Classics like chocolate chip and sugar cookies are available from Crumbl Cookies. If you do stop by, you should pick up a few of their rotating weekly cookies.

Each cookie is made to perfection and comes in unusual flavors like dulce de leche and Reese’s cookies. One of Salt Lake City’s top dessert spots is unquestionably this one.

Soft Serve: Normal® Ice Cream

There are various types of ice cream, but only one compares to Salt Lake City’s Normal® Ice Cream, a soft-serve ice cream truck that provides handcrafted ice cream that will leave you speechless.

Every month, business owner Alexa Norlin and her staff add new flavors to their rotating constructed cones as well as their traditional soft serve cones to keep things exciting.

Composed cone toppings have included homemade cotton candy, carrot cake, homemade honeycomb, and chestnut ganache, all of which are fabulously outrageous.

Averse to toppings? The traditional soft serve cone is still appealing.

Custard: Nielsen’s Frozen Custard

There is nothing like homemade custard that is rich, creamy, and creamy. The best custard in the area is made by Nielsen, which has perfected this art.

I love frozen custard and think it is so much better than regular ice cream. The flavour and texture is unreal and if you haven’t tried it before this would be my top choice.

The frozen dessert is delicious by itself, but if you want something more substantial than a scoop or cone, give a concrete a try.

Concrete is a shake that you consume with a spoon since it is so thick. Caramel cashew, chocolate cookie dough, chocolate almond, and chocolate raspberry are a few of the must-try items.

A wide variety of Nielsen’s delectable custards is also available in pints and quarts that are ready to eat. One of Salt Lake City’s top desserts, without a doubt.

Pies: The Dodo

Without a doubt, The Dodo offers some of Salt Lake City’s best sweets, particularly pies. The restaurant’s chalkboard lists the daily rotating pie tastes, and the servers are always ready to share their personal preferences with you.

Photo Courtesy of The Dodo

You’ll love The Dodo if you enjoy sugary pastries. The dodo’s pies are not only expertly baked and filled, but they are also regarded as among Salt Lake City’s best desserts.

Pies are made here every day, and the shop’s daily specials are displayed on a charming chalkboard. It’s somewhat of a lucky dip, then. The fact that each pie is as excellent as the last ensures that you won’t care what appears on the specials board.

Try the tollhouse pie if you can. Your palate will be transported if you try the same flavors in a pie after having some Toll House cookies in the past. To top it off, make sure to request lots of whipped cream and chocolate chips. 

Gelato: Capo Gelateria Italiana

The best gelato in Salt Lake City is available at Capo Gelateria Italiana, which is owned by the people who founded Settebello. Period. You’ll discover pans of delectable frozen concoctions here, such as stracciatella, raspberry sorbet, sweet cream, and coconut. As you fawn over everything in the case, they’ll kindly let you try a taste of any flavor.

One of Salt Lake City’s best desserts, Capo is an excellent location to go after pizza next door or on a warm summer evening.

Waffles: Burges Waffles and Frites

In the Salt Lake Valley, there are a few places to get waffles, but Bruges Waffles & Frites makes the best real Belgian waffles in the state. No matter what you serve the Liege waffles with, they have incredible flavor and texture.

best brunch in salt lake city
Blueberry waffles with maple syrup, topped with whipped cream and mint leaf. Served with fresh strawberries and sausages on the side.

Although there are many alternatives on the menu, we advise ordering the Liege waffle with cream and fresh berries. Commit to die and enter paradise.

Donuts: Banbury Cross

The donuts at Banbury Cross on 7th East are the best in Salt Lake City. There is a reason why Banbury Cross is always crowded and has significant extra points for a killer drive-thru. Kids love it, adults love it, and even the police enjoy it.

Try the “crumb” doughnut, which can become your favorite. It is a fluffy, glazed donut wrapped in a cinnamon sugar covering. Become your best self and buy a dozen Banburys for your family, friends, and coworkers.

Check out my post on the Best Donuts in Salt Lake City

Pastries: Les Madeleines

Given their considerable experience in the dessert industry, Les Madeleines’ inclusion on our list of Salt Lake City’s top desserts comes as no surprise. One of Salt Lake City’s top dessert spots is here!

Photo Courtesy of Les Madeleines

The level of variety at this particular dessert stop in Salt Lake City is what you’ll adore. So whether you’re in the mood for delectable pastries, silky gelato, or fresh macarons, Les Madeleines has it all.

Although you can sit inside, you’ll think that part of the appeal of this place is the movement of the food. Simply package up your sweets, then carry on with your sightseeing. 


The design of Gourmandise will be attractive to those who enjoy perusing their dessert choices before placing an order.

Photo Courtesy of Gourmandise

These people not only dish out some of the most delicious desserts in Salt Lake City, but they also display these artistically beautiful delicacies in sizable glass cabinets so that you may inspect them before making a purchase.

The majority of the desserts in this shop are European, as you might have guessed from the name. So, if you’re an American looking for some amazing tastes from abroad, Gourmet is the place to go.

Banana Pudding: Porch

Your next choice for Salt Lake City’s top desserts will be Porch.

Photo Courtesy of Porch

Many Salt Lake City residents consider Porch to be a second home, so it’s no wonder that Porch’s outstanding banana pudding made the list of the city’s top desserts.

It’s a cuisine you won’t soon forget since the entire dish has a delicious maple flavor that permeates it. 

It’s a fantastic option among Salt Lake City’s top dessert places!

Cookies: Rubysnap

Rubysnap is the next dessert on the list of the best in Salt Lake City. Are you trying to find Salt Lake City’s other place for the best cookies? Rubysnap serves authentic chocolate chip cookies, but you should probably try some of their more unique flavors.

The Mia cookie is one of Salt Lake City’s top desserts since anyone will like its buttercream frosting and sweet richness.

Give The Ricki a try if you’re in the mood for chocolate. This cookie is a multi-layered delicacy that deserves to be recognized as one of Salt Lake City’s top desserts because it is packed with chocolate, coconut, and almonds.


Try one of the wonderful desserts at HSL if you’re in the mood for something sweet after a meal. These guys serve some of Salt Lake City’s best sweets in addition to their delectable a la carte menu.

The sweets at HSL are a little more sophisticated than some of the other options on the list, which concentrate on big servings and lots of toppings.

Items on their dessert menu are bright and should appeal to most palates. You’ll also know that you’re getting the freshest choices possible since most sweets that call for seasonal fruits use them!

So, make sure to stop by if you’re looking for Salt Lake City’s top desserts.

Cake: The Chocolate

A list of the best desserts in Salt Lake City would be incomplete without mention of The Chocolate. Truly the best slice of “not homemade” homemade cake we have ever had.

The chocolate does a fantastic job of making you feel like you’re sitting at your mother’s kitchen table eating a slice of fresh-out-of-oven goodness. We are over the moon for The Husband, a classic yellow cake with chocolate frosting, or “Kitty Katrina.” 

Check out their locations in Orem or West Jordan for the best slice of cake you’ve ever tried.

Everything: Hatch Family Chocolate

Hatch Family Chocolates may be your overall favorite choice for the best treats in Salt Lake City. The location in the avenues, which is well-known locally and has a broad selection of great sweets, provides it with the nicest atmosphere ever. This location is a chocolate lover’s paradise.

Try the homemade ice cream, pot de creme, rice Krispie treats, chocolate-covered raspberries, frozen (or regular) hot chocolate, Aztec salted caramels, and chocolate brownie sundaes with homemade hot fudge sauce and whipped cream. 

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