15 Best Moab Tours – Fun Day Tours

15 Best Tours in Moab, Utah – Best Excursions near Moab

Moab Guided Tours: Are you looking for the Best Tours in Moab? This list of Moab Tours has something for everyone to plan your Moab Trip. These Moab Day Trips are perfect to add to your bucket list.

Moab, Utah is the adventure capital of Utah and there are so many fun things to do in Moab. Whether you are looking for a Moab Jeep Tour, Moab boat tours, ATV Tours Moab, Canyoneering Canyonlands, or Moab bike tours you are sure to have an amazing excursion.

Types of Moab Tours included in this list:

  • Moab hiking tours
  • tours of arches national park
  • Moab Utah jeep tours
  • Moab Utah off road tours
  • Moab mountain bike tours
  • Moab Utah canyoneering

Moab is the gateway to Arches and Canyonlands but there is a lot to do in and around Moab. It can be overwhelming planning a trip and that is why I have put together this list of Moab Tours to help you decide what to do when you are in Moab.

I have put together the top rated Moab Tours that are reasonably priced. These tours are great value and you can use the link to read reviews, find more details and check availability of the tours.

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Best Tours in Moab – Something for Everyone!

Moab ATV and 4WD Tours – Moab Adventures

ATV and 4WD Tours in Moab are fun and educational. Local guides are a wealth of knowledge and will give you a lot of insight into the area. Believe me, all of the best-kept secrets in Moab are found on these tours.

things to do in moab utah

Moab Xtreme 3-Hour Experience

This tour is incomparable to other cheaper tour options out there. This very competitive Xtreme 3 hour tour covers most of the trail and offers the wildest and adventurous experience of your lives.

The tour also provides you with an experienced tour guide who will lead you as you travel over the trail and the most important thing is that your safety will be their utmost priority.

This tour will take you to the hardest part of trail that no other Moab tour company will offer. This includes tours at the Hells gate, Cowboy Hill, Slick Rock, Mickeys Hot Tub, Really Steep Hill, Carwash Hot Tub, Escalator and the Colorado River Overlook.

The tour will have a maximum of 6 travelers and also access to wheelchair, strollers and infant seats are also available. 

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Moab Xtreme 2-Hour Experience

This 2 Hour Tour may be short but it doesn’t mean that it’s boring. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted. This tour is perfect for guests who want to experience an exciting ride but don’t want the thrill. The tour will let you experience a two hour thrilling and incredible ride over the famous Red Rocks.

The ride will take you to Hells Revenge Trail, a slick rock trail located at the Sand Flats Recreation Area. The trail offers scenic and incredible views that you will definitely enjoy.

You will witness the La Sal Mountain Range, ride up to the Colorado River, and see from a distance the famous Arches National Park.

This trip offers plenty of opportunities to take photos and learn more about the history of the area. Optional tours depart in the morning, mid-day, or during sunset.

A professional driver or guide will be provided that will help you stay safe along the ride. Bucket seats and harnesses will also be available for every guest.

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Hells Revenge 4×4 Off-Roading Tour from Moab

This off-road adventure near Moab will treat you to an overview of the slick rock ledges and sandstone domes of Hell’s Revenge.

You will be able to drive your own 4×4 Kawasaki Teryx vehicle while an experienced tour guide follows you as you travel through the trail. As you navigate through the steep climbs and descents, you will be treated to the beautiful views of the Colorado River, La Sal Mountains, Abyss Canyon and the cliffs of Negro Bill Canyon.

This 2.5 hours tour offers a travel schedule in the morning, afternoon or a sunset tour.

Since this tour is a self-drive experience, meaning the guest does the driving. It is required that all drivers must be at least 21 years old with a valid driver’s license. Each vehicle can accommodate 4 passengers and a minimum of 2 passengers per booking is required to avail this tour. 

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Hell’s Revenga 4×4 Tour

This 2.5 hour tour allows your desire to experience the most magnificent red rock backcountry adventure. You will drive on a roller coaster ride to Hell’s Revenge and Fins N’ Things, two of the popular trails in Moab.

This ultimate private tour experience will provide you with your own exclusive professional tour guide as you go along and witness the beautiful red rock landscapes. Your tour guide will not only lead you but will also tell you stories about the history of the red rock formation.

This tour includes two vehicles, one vehicle that will be driven by your guide that can accommodate up to three passengers and another vehicle that you will personally drive and can seat up to four passengers. 

Snacks and drinks will be provided and private tours starts at morning 9:15 am and another option is a sunset tour that departs three and a half hours before sunset. 

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Arches National Parks Tours

Arches National Park is the number one attraction in the Moab Region. Stunning arches and sandstone rocks cover the scenery. I recommend taking a tour to get the full experience in Arches.

Partition Arch at Arches National Park, Utah.

Arches National Park Air tour

Treat yourself to an overview of the Arches National Park in a 30 minute aerial tour aboard a fixed-wing aircraft. The is an ideal tour for guests who are pressed on time and prefer short tours instead of an hour-long tours.

A visit to the Arches National Park offers hiking trails, geological formations, and arches. You will be treated with a live commentary about the Elephant Butte, Spot Delicate Arch, Landscape Arch, Devils Garden, and the Courthouse Towers from your pilot during your aerial tour.

This tour offers limited seat availability and a maximum of 5 travelers allowed per trip.

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Half-Day Arches National Park Guided Tour

This guided tour will take you to an amazing adventure into the Arches National Park’s 50 million years old sandstone arches. You will experience behind the scenes of the park and get some incredible views that you will surely remember. 

The half day backcountry tour offers options to start either at 8 am or 1 pm. Guests will then traverse the Arches National Park aboard an air conditioned 4×4 SUV. A professional guide will help you navigate deep into the Arches and will tell you about stories of where the Anasazi Legends were born.

You will also be treated with a view of the dinosaur tracks and will have a short hike to the Eye of the Whale Arch.

Do not miss out to take pictures as you visit the best spots at the park, the Delicate Arch Overlook, 3 Gossips, Double Arch and the Moab Fault Overlook.

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Canyonlands National Park Tours

Moab is the jumping off point for both the Island in the Sky district and The Needles district of Canyonlands National Park. Island in the sky is by far the more visited district of the park but both have stunning landscapes.

Canyonlands National Park Half-Day Tour from Moab

Discover the rugged and red stone interior of the Canyonlands National Park on this half four wheel drive tour from Moab.

Experience the incredible beauty of the Island in the Sky District and witness in awe the breathtaking views of Gooseneck Overlook. A professional and experience tour guide will help you navigate the car down the White Rim Road where you will see the canyon walls in full view below 

The drive from Moab to Canyonlands will treat you with the scenic views of the Colorado River completing your Utah adventure. 

This tour lets you choose a morning, afternoon or sunset tour depending on your time preference.

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Canyonlands National Park Needles District by 4×4

This full day 4×4 adventure tour to Chesler Park in Canyonlands National Park gives a perfect opportunity to let you experience Utah away from crowds. 

A professional tour guide will lead you to see the highlights of the tour such as the Elephant Hill, Devil’s Kitchen and the Devil’s Lane. For hike lover guests, there is an optional 3 mile hike to the Joint Trail, an amazing red rock landscape.

This tour includes free lunch, water, lemonade and transportation.

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Canyonlands Backcountry 4×4 Half-Day Tour

This four wheel drive tour to Canyonlands National Park from Moab will let you explore the beauty and legend behind the historic park.

You will drive off road in a Jeep to the Island in the Sky district and nearby remote areas  where you will witness the amazing view of the beautiful Colorado River and the historic Pueblo rock art that decorates the cliffs. 

Take incredible photos as your guide navigates the Shafer Trail and enjoy the view of Gooseneck Overlook..

This tour is great for guests who have limited time to tour the park.

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Moab Rafting Tours

While in Moab, this is a “must-do adventure.” A full-day or half-day river rafting trips will take you down a world-famous stretch of the Colorado River, winding through scenes from hundreds of iconic films.

what to do in moab

Fisher Towers Half-Day Rafting Day Trip from Moab

This rafting day tour lets you explore a scenic float experience down the Colorado River running right in the middle of the desert.

The tour will then take you to the region near Fishers Towers, one of the most scenic and incredible landscapes at the Colorado River. While at the Fishers Towers, take this chance to swim in the famous river, take pictures of the wildlife and learn from your guide as he or she tells you the geological and historical factors behind the formation of the Canyons.

This tour offers various choices for departure time during the day at 9:00 am, mid-day at 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm. For guests that will take the noon departure, lunch is already included.

Included in the tour is the safety gear, transportation from Moab to the Colorado River, lemonade and water.

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Fisher Towers Rafting Full-Day Trip from Moab

This white-water rafting full day trip includes a 14-mile ride of the Colorado River located along the Fishers Town. Throughout your float trip, you will be treated with stunning views and scenery of the canyon. 

Included in this rafting trip are oar rafts that are operated by professional river guides. For guests who may want to kayak along the river, usually kayaks are available upon the request of guests.

Lunch will be served in a buffet style picnic during a stop at the riverside. Aside from that, safety gears, transportation from Moab to Colorado River, water and lemonade are also provided in this tour.

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Mountain Biking Tours near Moab

Because of its stunning red rock scenery, endless views, and trails that range from beginner to advanced and fit all riding abilities, Moab, Utah has become the undisputed “Mecca” for mountain bike enthusiasts.

Moab Brands Bike Trails, Moab, Utah, USA
Photo Courtesy of Flickr TRAILSOURCE

Dead Horse Point Half-Day Guided Mountain Biking Tour in Moab

This 5 hour guided mountain biking tour lets you explore Utah’s state parks. Discover the spectacular Dead Horse Point State Park  that offers 5,362 acres of desert at an altitude of 5,900 feet.

Enjoy a ride along the 10 mile adventure with rolling terrain with an overview of the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park. Riders with experience in mountain biking will surely enjoy the trail. 

Included in this tour are the use of bicycle, helmet, snacks, refreshment and park entrance fees.

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Introductory Mountain Biking Adventure in Moab Courthouse

Explore the Moab Brands trail, one of the most popular mountain biking trails on Utah in this 4 hour guided tour.

The Moab’s Courthouse Loop is an ideal trail for those who are first timers to off-road terrain and riding techniques. This 7 to 10 miles offers a variety of terrain with an incredible view of the Arches National Park.

This tour is great for new riders with little or no experience in mountain biking. This tour is also perfect for families to experience an exhilarating mountain biking ride.

Included in this tour are the use of bicycle, helmet, snacks, refreshment and park entrance fees.

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Helicopter Tours around Southern Utah

Moab, Utah is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but it’s difficult to appreciate its scale and vastness before you fly over it in a helicopter. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, try a Helicopter Tour today.

helicopter grand canyon tours

Edge Of Canyonlands Tour (45 minutes)

This spectacular and breathtaking 45 minute plane tour will take you up and above the Deadhorse Point, Thelma and Louise Point, Colorado River, Potash Ponds and the beautiful island of the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park.

You will then fly over the magnificent Kane Creek Canyon and the fins of Behind the Rocks. Also, you will witness the beautiful backcountry arches of the Corona Arch, Halls Bridge, Pritchett Arch and Funnel Arch.

You will be asked for your weight prior to booking confirmation and the tour staff will weigh you before boarding the helicopter to abide by the FAA rules.

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Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods and Natural Bridges

This aerial tour will give you an opportunity to take pictures of the incredible monuments from the air, and a bird’s eye view  on the gigantic million years old rock formations. 

In this 2 hour aerial tour, you will board a fixed wing aircraft that will take you up and above the Monument Valley, Canyonland National Park and Natural Bridges.  Listen on your provided headset as your pilot guides you to the beautiful landscape and views of the Totem Pole, Grand Gulch, the Mittens, and the Upheaval Dome.

The national monument is famous and has been the location of movies like the Mission: Impossible II. 

The tour can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests and will require at least 2 guests per booking.

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Canyonlands & Arches National Park Air Tour

This picturesque air tour will take you and fly you over to the two most popular parks of the United States, the Arches National Park and the Canyonlands National Park.

This a perfect introductory tour for first time visitors and offers live commentary from your pilot on board.

Spots included in this aerial tour are the Green River Goose Neck, White Rim, Upheaval Dome, Island in the Sky, The Mas, Landscape Arch, Devils Garden, Fisher Tower and the Klondike Bluffs.

A minimum of 2 guests is required to avail this tour.

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Boat Tours near Moab

Take a river trip through the Colorado River or the scenic Desolation Canyon of the Green River to experience the whitewater force that created all of this geologic splendor.

Moab Dinner Cruise with Sound and Light Show

On this 3 hour journey at Canyonlands National Park near Moab, you will get to experience a one of a kind light and sound shows. 

The tour will start with a cowboy style dutch dinner that will be served in a  building with overlooking view of the Colorado River. 

Then you will take on an evening boat ride as you witness 40,0000 watts of light brighten the canyon walls. Learn more on the history of Canyonlands National Park as you watch the lights, and listen to the music and narration on the early formation of the canyon.

The tour can accommodate up to 144 travelers and is subject to weather conditions. An alternative date or full refund will be given in case the tour is cancelled due to poor weather.

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Moab: Colorado River Sunset Boat Tour with Optional Dinner

This 1.5 hour sunset boat tour will take you to the best views of the Colorado River. You will witness as the sky changes color and admire the breathtaking scenery that Utah has to offer 

The tour will start to depart the calm waters of the Colorado River and experience chasing the sun as it disappears from the canyon walls.

On the way, you will come across the old Indian granary, petroglyphs and arches that enhance the landscape with history. After the boat ride, your guide will take you back to the private dock where you will enjoy a western style Dutch oven dinner with the Colorado River as your backdrop.

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Petroglyph Tours – a highlight of Southern Utah

Moab Petroglyph Tours will take you on a journey through time that spans thousands of years! Having a guide on a petroglyph tour is not only fun but also interesting.

Private Scenic Petroglyph Tour in Moab

This private off-roading tour outside Moab will let you discover the ancient petroglyphs and geological formations in Utah.  

A professional guide will lead you as you drive along the famous petroglyphs and will tell you more on the region’s history and archeology. Guests have options to get a guide or drive on your own off road vehicle. This tour attracts everyone from big groups, families, and off roading enthusiasts. 

Since this is a private tour, you will set the pace of the tour and avoid waiting on other guests. It also offers a flexible schedule from a morning or evening tour depending on the availability of the guests.

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Private Moab Petroglyph Tour

If you prefer a private leisure tour with lots of magnificent and beautiful scenery, then this Moab Petroglyph tour is for you. What makes this special is that only members of your group will be allowed on the tour and no other guests can join. 

This tour will take you back to the time when the ancient people used to live in the area. As you drive the scenic route, you will be treated with the Anasazi and Ute Petroglyphs, flowers and the magnificent landscape of the Colorado River. 

Your tour guide will narrate the rich history of the area and how the beautiful rock formation came to be.  

This is a 2 hour tour and departs in the morning at 9 am or a few hours before sunset.

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Rock Climbing Tour

A rock climbing, canyoneering, or rappelling tour can take you to some of the Canyonlands’ most scenic and inaccessible locations. Take a guided Moab adventure tour that you will be talking about for years, whether you are a beginner or an expert, a person, a family, or a group of any size.

Close-up portrait of young woman rock climbing to the top of the mountain and looking up

Rock Climbing in Moab

This half day rock climbing adventure is a perfect introduction for first timers and refresher for rock climbing. An excellent time to spend this adventure is during morning or afternoon at some of Moab’s interesting and beautiful rock formations. 

At the Entrada Sandstone you will be up close with the natural texture, cracks and bumps of the rock formations.

You will also get to learn the equipment, knots, and the basics of climbing and rappelling. 

This adventure is definitely something that you will never forget. The cliff and canyons in Moab is incredible and is the best place to challenge yourself with rock climbing.

Snacks, water, gears and safety equipment will be provided in this tour.

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Moab Canyoneering Adventure

In this adventure – with options for half day or full day canyoning from Moab, will teach you canyoneering skills such as rappelling, rope climbing, and chimneying along the canyons.

You will travel the red rock terrain in a 4WD vehicle and explore the beautiful canyons and learn the basics from your professional guide.

Guests have options to spend the morning or afternoon on a much easier route or experience a moderately challenging full day canyoning at Robbers Roost. Enjoy yourself as you rappel deep into the canyons and squeeze yourself through the tight rock walls.

This tour is perfect for physically fit rock climbing enthusiasts and adventurers. All equipment will be provided by the tour operator.

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