15 Best Things to do in Logan, Utah – Hidden Gems

15 Best Things to do in Logan, Utah

Logan Utah Attractions: Are you looking for the best things to do in Logan, Utah? There are so many fun Logan activities you can and I’ve even included some family friendly activities in Logan as well in this list.

St.John’s Episcopal church in yellow brick and red door, Logan, Utah, United States

You can use this list of fun things to do in Logan, UT to help you plan your trip. You can also check out my post on Where to Stay in Logan to figure out where to book for the night. This guide has what to do in Logan Utah.

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15 Fun Things to do in Logan, Utah – Hidden Gems

Explore Logan River Trail

Hiking is a blast here in Logan River Trail. The Logan River Trail is a water-based trail that provides information signs along the river to help you to find your way and discover the river’s features.

This trail is a paved, shared-use trail that takes you between the Logan River Golf Course and the Rendezvous Park. Logan River Trail is a paved, shared-use trail that takes you between the Logan River Golf Course and Rendezvous Park.

These places are great places for visitors to explore and have fun with their families. When hiking the trail, this hike is just 1.9 miles, each way, and it is an easy stroll that’s suitable for people of any age and ability.

As you stroll around the trail, you can see a lot of mature trees and the river which is the perfect atmosphere for any hot day. There are many things in store for you as you walk around the Logan River Trail.

Watch elk at Hardware Ranch

Watch a herd of elks roaming around here at Hardware Ranch. The Hardware Ranch is great to visit in the winter season.

Located in Blackford Canyon, the drive-by going to the place is beautiful with different animals in the wild preparing for winter. As you reach the ranch, you can do many outdoor activities with your friends and family like skiing, sledding, making snowmen, and many more.

Even with this many things to do on the snow the spectacle that you don’t want to miss while being on this ranch is the opportunity to see a herd of elks here in the winter.

The personnel will provide a tractor that is pulling a wagon, in there they will take you to where the elk are staying and is the only opportunity to admire and take photos of these beautiful animals. Elks will sometimes fight other elks for fun and other reasons so don’t miss out on those moments.

LDS Tabernacle

Visit the LDS Tabernacle. LDS (Latter Day Saints) Tabernacle is located in Logan, Utah, and is one of the most beautiful buildings you will ever see.

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The building’s architectural style is characterized as classically eclectic with some elements of Greek, Roman, Gothic, and Byzantine styles with white limestone for the corners.

As you enter the tabernacle you can see the balcony that runs around three sides of the main room, in the front, you can see the seats for a large choir and the giant organ that filled the top front area of the room.

The pipe organ was once a tubular-pneumatic organ which is an organ that uses windpipes to make music, now the organ is electro-pneumatic which are organs that now have a console that generates the same sound as a pipe organ.

Visit the tabernacle in the summer and the religious moments in the year. The LDS Tabernacle is a place regardless of the reason that you have to visit. 

Hike the Wind Caves

Hike in one of Utah’s greatest trails, and marvel at the beauty surrounding it at the Wind Caves. The Wind Caves is a very popular place but to get there is hiking a 2-mile trail.

caverns in Utah
Wind Caves

The Wind Caves are natural formations made of limestone deposits that have dissolved over the years leaving three natural arches in their place. As the name indicates, the Wind Caves weren’t formed by water erosion but from the wind.

The hike itself is very straightforward and follows a narrow path that climbs up steady switchbacks to the caves. Regardless, the hike is especially good for the sunset when the weather starts cooling down.

The best time to visit the Wind Caves is in the fall when everyone can experience the fall foliage along Logan Canyon. There are many rare wildflowers found here that are not found anywhere else in the world like Maguire’s primrose, Frank Smith violets, and the Logan buckwheat.

Hike to the Wind Caves and enjoy it as summer on a stroll.

Logan Utah Temple

Visit the second temple built in Utah, the Logan Utah Temple. This temple is one of the few religious organizations in the world today that constructs temples.

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This temple was dedicated to President John Taylor and features beautiful hand-painted murals on the walls of its progressive-style ordinance rooms. The external walls of the temple were originally painted a pinkish, off-white color to hide the dark, rough-hewn limestone, today the bare stone can be seen on the exterior walls.

The temple grounds and the exterior walls aren’t the only things to be dazzled about. The inside of the temple has a unique atmosphere that makes you feel like your prayers will be heard.

These buildings were more than houses of worship, for the erection of churches has taken place concurrently with the construction of these temples. You have to understand the relationship that these edifices hold to the doctrine and teachings of the church and one must go back to the early days of the church and note the origin and development of the temple idea.

This place holds a special place in the hearts of the members of the church. So come to the Logan Utah Temple to feel enlightened.

Explore Utah State University

Whether you are visiting or planning for admission, Utah State University is a good place to see. Located in Logan, Utah, Utah State University is a public land-grant research university.

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With nearly over 20,000 students enrolled, the university has the highest percentage of out-of-state students of any public university in Utah.

The university has a main campus that is situated on about 400 acres, approximately one mile northeast of Logan. This large university lies on a shelf-like foothill that overlooks the valley to the west and Mount Logan and Bear River rise sharply to the immediate east.

Utah State University has over nine academic colleges with their achievements to be impressed and fascinate about. Utah State University might be a great place to visit for education and enjoyment.

Museum of Anthropology

The study of humans, past and present is studied to understand the complexity of culture through all of human history.

Whether or not you are intrigued or curious, the University of Anthropology is the place for everything about the history of humans. Located in the Utah State University, the Museum of Anthropology is more than the study of humans; it is the study of human behavior, any graduate and tourist will feel intrigued just by seeing the amount of information that tells about the how and the why of humans.

Inside the museum, there are many artifacts that you can get to see and many anthropologists that are helpful and would entertain your every question. There is nowhere else that can satiate your thirst for knowledge other than the Museum of Anthropology.

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art (NEHMA)

The Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art (NEHMA) is an academic art museum located on the campus of Utah State University.

The museum is known for its outstanding collection of modern and contemporary art and serves a broad regional audience with its exhibitions, programs, and events. Even to this day, NEHMA is still collecting, preserving, and exhibiting modern and contemporary visual arts.

The Museum of Art has been renovated and designed to capture the essence and will house and select over 5000 artworks by almost 2000 artists that include ceramics, paintings, drawings, and sculptures. The Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art is a great place to appreciate art in many ways than one.

Beaver Mountain

Enjoy winter with your family and friends here in Beaver Mountain. Beaver Mountain is a ski resort that sits in the northeast corner of Utah with 828 acres of prime mountain terrain that is blanketed annually with 400 inches of “The Greatest Snow on Earth”.

There are a lot of activities that tourists can do on the slopes of the resort-like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and many more. The Beaver Mountain area is also a great summer destination with fishing, hiking, horseback riding, boating, and other activities nearby.

During the summer months, families or other groups can rent the lodge and yurt facilities, or stay in the RV park or campground.

Beaver Mountain Ski Resort’s excellent runs, friendly atmosphere, and low prices make it a popular destination for locals – some say it is one of Utah’s best-kept secrets.

It has been family-owned and operated since 1939, making it the oldest continuously owned family ski area in the US. Downhill skiing and snowboarding are major winter activities but there are also excellent cross-country ski and snowmobile trails nearby.

Beaver Mountain is a long-running business that will never let you down from the excitement and fun.

Zootah at Willow Park

Taking your family to a quiet place where you can see a lot of animals is not hard to find in Logan when the Zootah at Willow Park is there to accommodate all your desires.

The zoo isn’t a large zoo-like Hogle Zoo but it is a smaller zoo with a good atmosphere. There are a lot of animals you can see from the local birds like swans, ducks, geese, owls, hawks, and eagles to bigger animals like a coyote, bobcat, bull elk, monkey, porcupines, and lots of turtles and tortoises.

At certain times, Zootah has a petting zoo that, as the name suggests; allows people to pet the animals in those certain times.

Walking around the zoo is a breeze where there is a lot of shade and benches for anyone who wants to take a break and have a snack or two.

Zootah at Willow Park is a great family adventure and a great place to relax and enjoy.

Hike Jardine Juniper Trail

Hiking to see something so grand and mysterious is one of the things Jardine Juniper Trail has to offer and it does not disappoint.

A tree that was once thought to be more than 3000 years old is an intriguing place to go. As this tree is an individual of the species Rocky Mountain Juniper found within Logan Canyon in the Canche National Forest, this 40-foot tree is a great destination for a good hike.

The hike itself is an 11-mile round-up trip trail, which is an out-and-back until it intersects with the loop section around the tree.

The hike is not difficult for beginners that aim to take a photo of this ancient tree. At the ridge you can also see a scenic route sign for people who want to see the view overlooking Logan Canyon, make sure to bring a camera to capture the moment of nature being beautiful.

Overall, Jardine Juniper Trail is not about the destination but the journey to get there. The oldest tree may be fascinating, but it is not as fascinating as the nature it is surrounding itself in.

Stokes Nature Center

Learning nature can be done anywhere around the world, but understanding the importance of nature can only be taught by visiting the Stokes Nature Center.

Stokes Nature Center is located near the entrance of Logan Canyon, it is non-profitable; meaning anyone can freely enter and allow children to explore and learn about the natural world.

The nature center has a hike that is about 1/3 miles long along the river trail. When hiking you can see all the different parts of nature that are both beautiful and calming to everyone.

There are many recreational activities for the kids to do inside the nature center with many things to use like learning supplies, a puppet theater, books, and many fun things.

Another side of the nature center is filled with hands-on activities to teach children about nature. The Stokes Nature Center has everyone for everyone to accept and embrace the nature around you.

American West Heritage Center

Learn about the folklore and living history from 1820 to 1920 at the American West Heritage Center. The American West Heritage Center (AWHC) is a living history museum located in northern Utah’s Cache Valley at the foot of the Wellsville Mountains.

This heritage center specialized in hands-on, interactive fun for all ages. The AWHC utilizes its picturesque setting to tell the story of the history of the American West for this period.

This unique story is told at the AWHC through living history and live reenactment venues, school group field trips, summer camps, museum exhibits, live demonstrations, workshops, seasonal festivals and events, student internships, handcart treks, and other activities that target a wide variety of visitors.

You will never know how history will repeat itself if don’t visit the American West Heritage Center.

Ice Cream at Casper’s Malt Shoppe

Under the heat of the sun, you will wonder where to get a good soft yet delicious snack in Utah, a good thing there is a place where you can buy ice cream at Casper’s Malt Shoppe.

Located near Lewiston, this ice cream shop has some of the most delicious ice creams in Utah. Their most recommended ice cream is the Fat Boy which is an ice cream sandwich.

There are other ice creams aside from Fat Boy like Jolly Llama and Churnbaby that have their respective kinds of ice creams and flavors to choose from. The ice cream and Casper’s Malt Shoppe is a great stop to get a quick bite at something so cold and delicious to ever have.

Juniper Take Out

If you are looking for a restaurant that has good food and choices, then the Juniper Take Out is the Place for you.

Juniper Take Out is a fast-food restaurant. Being the best of both worlds can take your tongue on a journey where you can sit down with your family and friends and have a good time.

They have a lot to choose from like the Deep Fried Mushrooms, Deluxe Cheeseburgers to a Turkey Stake, and a Rainbow Trout meal.

All the choices you can see in this restaurant are all fresh but the most crucial thing about this restaurant is time. Food is served longer than expected but for good reasons, the chefs in Juniper Take Out all want to give your taste buds a run for your money so be prepared to hold back for seconds.

Juniper Take Out is a good restaurant with good food and a good atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

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