The 12 Best Helicopter Tours of the Grand Canyon

Visiting the Grand Canyon by Helicopter: Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

What is the Best Helicopter Tours of the Grand Canyon?  I’ve put together this list of the best helicopter rides in the Grand Canyon for you to choose from.

	grand canyon helicopter tour

Helicopter rides in the Grand Canyon can be expensive, but you get what you pay for.  My suggestion is to take a longer Grand Canyon helicopter ride as this will probably be the one and only time you take a helicopter ride!

Below are helicopter tours from vegas to grand canyon and South Rim Grand Canyon helicopter tours.  Each description outlines the cost, length of time of the tour, and where the tour leaves from. Enjoy!

Are you looking for the best Grand Canyon helicopter tours?

When choosing a Grand Canyon helicopter tour there are several things to consider such as where the tour leaves from, which sites the tour visits, the length of the tour and the cost of the tour.

I have listed 12 Grand Canyon helicopter tour reviews for you to choose the best one for you.  Check out the best helicopter tours Grand Canyon.

	helicopter grand canyon tours

Grand Canyon Helicopter Landing Tour

This is perfect for travelers looking for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon with a budget-friendly price. Traveling from South Las Vegas Terminal, this tour gets you to see thrilling and awe-inspiring views of Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and Fortification Hill.

	grand canyon tours from las vegas

You will also get to experience descend at 3500 feet below the Grand Canyon rim. Another plus of this tour is the sightseeing of the Colorado River while having champagne and refreshment for free before returning to South Las Vegas! How cool is that? 

Price: US $ 409 per person

Duration of Activity: 4.5 hours

Grand Canyon Discovery Air Tour

This tour will take you to the captivating view of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon while just sitting and relaxing at your plane seat. The flight will depart from the Grand Canyon National Park and while en route, you will witness the majestic view of Kaibab National Forest, Kaibab Plateau, Little Colorado River, Zuni Corrido and the Imperial Point. This tour is perfect for travelers who have limited time to explore but still get to see incredible views of the Grand Canyon.

Price: US $ 159 per person

Duration of Activity: 40 to 45 Minutes

Spirit Helicopter Tour Grand Canyon South Rim

This Grand Canyon helicopter tour South Rim will take you on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon where you can get a breathtaking view of the Painted Desert, Kaibab National Forest and the Dragon Corridor, which is the widest and deepest part of the Grand Canyon. 

The tour will start to depart at Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayan, Arizona in an ECO-Star helicopter. From the South Rim, you will fly past the above the Kaibab National Forest. As you traverse to the North Rim, you will experience a bird’s eye view of the canyon. You will also get to see the Painted Desert, and the tour continues to the Colorado River, then back to Kaibab National Forest and finally will arrive back to the Grand Canyon Airport. This Grand Canyon South Rim helicopter tour is convenient since there are daily flights available. 

Price: US $ 299 per person

Duration of Activity: 45 minutes

Grand Canyon Skywalk Express Helicopter Tour

The Skywalk, which is a famous glass bridge over the floor of the Grand Canyon, is one of the favorites of tourists. This tour will not only take you to the famous Skywalk but will also give you a panoramic view of the Grand Canyon from above.

Grand Canyon North Rim vs South Rim

The flight will depart from the Las Vegas Strip to the Grand Canyon. While on air, you will get to witness in awe the view of Lake Las Vegas, Las Vegas Strip, and the Hoover Dam. Upon arrival at the Grand Canyon, take a walk at the word class Grand Canyon Skywalk with a glass-bottom surface where you can see that you are 4000 feet above the canyon floor.

Do not forget to take pictures while you are there. Travelers are given 45 minutes at the Skywalk before returning to Las Vegas Strip.

Price: US $ 574

Duration of Activity: 4.5 Hours

Visiting the Grand Canyon by helicopter – Tours From Las Vegas

These Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours are the best way to see the Grand Canyon in a day.  A Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour will be the highlight of your trip. Believe me, you will want to take a Grand Canyon helicopter ride to see this popular site in Arizona.  Grand Canyon helicopter rides are extremely popular – so book ahead! You must travel from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon by helicopter.

las vegas grand canyon helicopter tour

Grand Canyon South Rim Tours – helicopter tour to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

Helicopter rides at Grand Canyon will take you to the south rim of the canyon and will give you an unforgettable and beautiful view that will surely make your trip a memorable one. Travelers will fly from South Las Vegas on a Maverick Beechcraft 1900D aircraft in a 40-minute flight and will arrive at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim.

grand canyon helicopter tour from las vegas

 Upon arriving, you can choose two itineraries. The first one is the Grand Canyon Explorer that will take you to a short ground transportation ride to the Grand Canyon National Park that highlights the natural wonders of the canyon.

Also included in the land tour is the Mather Point and Bright Angel Lodge. Second, is the Canyon Dream, they will also get to experience the same but there will be a 25-minute helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon before the Grand Canyon National Park land tour. Either way, both tours are a great way of experiencing the Grand Canyon Tour.

Price: US $ 349 per person

Duration of Activity: 5 Hours

Las Vegas Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour 

If you are overwhelmed by the blinding light and extravagant vibes of Las Vegas city, why not take a tour of the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. The helicopter tour will take you to a ride to the skies and see incredible views of Las Vegas and Grand Canyon National Park.

This your tour will fly past the Hoover Dam, the Mojave Desert where you will witness unbelievable beauty of mountain terrains and sands. The next stop will be Lake Mead – in terms of water capacity, it is considered as the largest water reservoir in the US. The tour will arrive on a landing area at the Hualapai Indian Territory located inside the canyon where you can indulge in the magnificent sight of the Grand Canyon while enjoying a picnic-style lunch and champagne.

The trip will fly back to Las Vegas where you can catch the dazzling lights of the city.

Price: US $ 470 per person

Duration of Activity: 3.5 Hours

helicopter tour to grand canyon from las vegas

Silver Cloud Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas Strip

This tour is a non-landing tour; therefore, it is perfect for the time-conscious traveler who does not have enough time to wander. The flight will depart from the Las Vegas Strip and once the plane sets off, you will get to see the Lake Las Vegas in the middle of the Nevada Desert, Hoover Dam, and of course, the Grand Canyon.

Enjoy and marvel at the spectacular views of the natural wonders. On the flight back to Las Vegas Strip, be prepared for the cinematic sunset view of Las Vegas. 

Price: US $ 402

Duration of Activity: 3.5 Hours

King of Canyons Helicopter Tour of Grand Canyon West Rim (with Landing) from Las Vegas

Going in this exciting and thrilling ride will let you experience the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. The helicopter for this tour is specially designed for comfortable aerial sightseeing.

Travelers will be picked up from their hotel and will be driven to McCarran Atlantic Terminal. Your pilot will also be your guide in making commentary on the major landmarks of the canyon.

While flying, you will get see the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Black Mountains, and the Grand Wash Cliffs. Upon landing at the Hualapai Indian Tribal Lands, you will enjoy the scenic views of the canyon while having lunch. Take the opportunity to appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the canyon.

Before returning to McCarran Atlantic Terminal, the helicopter will cruise over the famous Las Vegas Strip which is a must-see, especially during sunset. Keep in mind that this tour operates daily except on Dec 25 Christmas Day.  Helicopter rides in Grand Canyon are extremely popular!

Price: US $ 450

Duration of Activity: 3.5 – 4 Hours

Ace of Adventures Helicopter Tour of Grand Canyon West Rim from Las Vegas

This Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas will not only take you to the Grand Canyon but also the Mojave Desert.

You will depart from the McCarran Atlantic Terminal and enjoy the narration of the famous landmarks by your pilot who also happens to be your guide. The aerial tour will let you enjoy the beautiful views of different sights of nature and a man-made lake.

You will witness the spectacular sights of the Mojave Desert, the Black Mountains, and Hoover Dam. Do not forget to see the deep blue color of Lake Mead. You will fly past the Colorado River and the West Rim of the Grand Canyon and upon returning, the dazzling Las Vegas Strip light will welcome you after touring a majestic view. 

Price: US $ 387

Duration of Activity: 3 – 3.5 Hours

Free Spirit – Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Tour with Landing from Las Vegas

A thrilling way to experience the Grand Canyon’s West Rim is through the Free Spirit Helicopter rides in the Grand Canyon. The tour will depart from Maverick Airlines and will fly over the world-famous Hoover Dam.

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Lake Mead and Fortification Hill. The helicopter will then head to the West Rim and will land at the Hualapai Indian Territory. You will be given time to explore the area and enjoy a light snack and beverage. On the way back, make sure to see the unique landscape of Black Canyon.

Price: US $ 392

Duration: 4.5 Hours

Skywalk Getaway with Helicopter and Boat Tour from Las Vegas 

You can explore the Grand Canyon not only by helicopter but also by boat. Listen to your guide as he shares the history of the canyon while enjoying the spectacular views. The tour will start from your hotel pick up and going to the Papillon’s Boulder City Terminal where you will ride a helicopter and fly past the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Colorado River, and then going to the Grand Canyon. 

You will land at the bottom of the canyon where you will board a boat that will carry you to the Colorado River. After that, you will board the helicopter again that will take you back to the rim. Once there, you will receive admission for the Skywalk where you can walk across the U Shaped Skywalk Bridge at the Eagle Point. Also included in the package is a souvenir photo. After the tour, they will drop you off at your hotel.  The perfect Grand Canyon Las Vegas helicopter tour.

Price: US $ 671

Duration of Activity: 6.5 Hours

Las Vegas: Grand Canyon West Helicopter Experience

Take a scenic route and soar over the beautiful Grand Canyon. The journey will start from the hotel pick up and taking a flight from Las Vegas. The flight will fly over the Hoover Dam will continue to the Grand Canyon and the Hualapai Indian Territory.

Experience 3500 feet descend before landing at the Hualapai Indian Territory where you will take time to relax and enjoy the view while having some snacks and champagne. Do not forget to visit the Skywalk, famous for its glass balcony and bridge where you can peer the canyon from the side. The journey will end as you fly back to Las Vegas. 

Price: US $ 694

Duration of Activity: 7.5 Hours

Conclusion: Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Las Vegas

Seeing the Grand Canyon by helicopter and taking helicopter rides at the Grand Canyon are a bucket list experience.  

Should you take a grand canyon helicopter from las vegas?  Yes, grand canyon by helicopter from las vegas is amazing and a helicopter tour vegas to grand canyon you will not forget.  Just take the Grand Canyon helicopter trip!

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Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Las Vegas

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