15 Best Sleeping Bags for Women in 2023 – Backpackers Sleeping Bag

Backpackers Sleeping Bag – Are you looking for the best women’s sleeping bag?  

When I started looking for a sleeping bag I didn’t know there was a difference between men’s and women’s sleeping bags but there definitely is a difference.  

If you are looking to find the best women’s sleeping bag – one that is wider at the hips and has a higher temperature rating (or lower because they are more comfortable at lower temps) – you will find it on this list.

Best Womens sleeping bag
Sleeping bag

There are many choices on the list from backpacking down sleeping bag or 20 degree backpacking sleeping bag or the best three season sleeping bag.  I also know that space can be an issue so there are the best compact sleeping bag and best hiking sleeping bag on the list.

Here are the best women’s sleeping bag reviews

Marmot Trestles 15 Women’s Cold-Weather Mummy Sleeping Bag

The Marmot Trestles 15 feature women’s specific fit sleeping bag with extra SpiraFil High Loft insulation providing you maximum warmth and durability.

backpackers sleeping bag

The good thing about the SpiraFil is that it is moisture-resistant and the bag can retain performance in cold and damp conditions.  This mummy-style sleeping bag is perfect for backpacking and outdoor activities. The dual-layer design offers warmth and a top made for maximum loft and blanket-like feel comfort at the bottom. European Norm (EN) rated this bag as a comfortable sleeping bag for women providing comfort all night long at a temperature as low as 16.7°F. 

Interior Length – 75″

Comfort Rating – 16.7°F

Weight – 4 lbs., 8 oz

Insulation – Synthetic SpiraFil High-Loft

Moisture Resistant 

Columbia 10 Degree Mount Tabor Mummy Sleeping Bag

With the exceptional performance of the Columbia Mount Tabor 10F Mummy Sleeping Bag, you will surely be prepared for any climate or weather conditions.

backpacking down sleeping bag

What makes this sleeping bag cozy is that it has a mummy shape style, one-handed cinch chord, a stash pocket where you can keep small important belongings safely, a camp pad sleeve keeping you from sliding around, and a bi-layer insulation that helps prevent cold spots in your bag.  Columbia, known as one the industry leader of outdoor gears, created the Columbia Mount Tabor 10F Mummy Sleeping Bag as a way to ensure to its customers that they get high-quality bags that they are looking for.

Interior Length – 79″

Comfort Rating – 10°F

Weight – 6.49 lbs

Insulation – Down


Terra Hiker Down Sleeping Bag, Outdoor Mummy Bag for Backpacking and Mountaineering, Lightweight 4-Season Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag might be lightweight, it only weighs 2.5 lbs., but it is functionally durable. The hood has plenty of loft space and drawing closure helps you to stay in place.

backpacking sleeping bag reviews

It also has a wide foot box providing more space and comfort for your feet. With its 32-inch shoulder length, it creates extra room for people with a big frame.  Also, people with a smaller frame can benefit too as it allows you to sleep in any position you want since there is so much room to move around. Despite the bag being roomy with extra space, it is competitively packable leaving more space in your carry on backpack.

Interior Length – 78.8″

Comfort Rating – 21.2°F

Weight – 2.5 lbs

Insulation – Down

Weather Resistant 

REI Co-op Joule 21 Sleeping Bag – Women’s

The REI Co-op Joule 21 is a three-season mummy type sleeping bag that offers double protection. First, the water-repellent down offers plenty of loft and warmth.

best cold weather backpacking sleeping bag

Second, it has a combined polymer-coated down fill with a breathable and waterproof fabric. It is lightweight with just over 2 lbs., it is a perfect alternative to bulkier bags, which makes it a good choice for those who want to cut back the weight they want to carry. With its deep wine color, it is perfect for women who opt for a unique color.

Interior Length – 66’’, 72’’

Comfort Rating – 21°F

Weight – 2 lbs

Insulation – Down


Sea to Summit Flame FmIV 15 Sleeping Bag – Women’s

This bag is part of the Women’s Flame range of sleeping bags from the brand Sea to Summit which offers high-quality sleeping bags at a high price.

cold weather backpacking sleeping bag

The Sea to Summit Flame FmIV 15 Sleeping Bag is a perfect choice for backpacking trips as it keeps you warm and it matches any weather conditions. It is lightweight which makes it an excellent choice for those who do not want to carry a heavy load in their backpacks. Plus, it has a compression sack that will pack the sleeping bag into a small carry-on bag. 

Interior Length – 67’’, 70’’

Comfort Rating – 15°F

Weight – 1lbs, 2 lbs

Insulation – Down


Rab Neutrino 400 Sleeping Bag – best mummy sleeping bag

The Rab Neutrino 400 is a three-season sleeping bag perfect for backpackers and alpine climbers. It is lightweight, minimalist, and a warm sleeping bag although it may not be the warmest bag available in the market.

best sleeping bag for backpacking

It excels most when it comes to its weight, only weighing 1.7 lbs., it is very convenient to pack this bag in your backpack. You will not feel constricted as this bag is designed for women-specific fit and gives a roomy space to move around.

Interior Length – 78’’

Comfort Rating – 21°F

Weight – 1.7 lbs

Insulation – Down


REI Co-op Magma 15 Sleeping Bag – Women’s

If you are the minimalist-backpacking adventurer who is looking for a budget-friendly sleeping bag but features high-quality materials, then the REI Co-op Magma 15 is perfect for you. 

best sleeping bag for the money

It is lightweight, compressible, and a good weather-resistant bag. It has a roomy foot box, where you can have extra space for your feet to move around or you can store belongings that need to stay warm. Like any other bag, it can pack down into a smaller size, which is great for activities where space is necessary. 

Interior Length – 72’’, 78’’

Comfort Rating – 16°F

Weight – 1 lb.

Insulation – Down


Alpinlite 5’6″ Right Zip – best backpacking quilt

Alpinlite, one of Western Mountaineerings most popular models, has a three-dimensional full down collar, a full-length two-way zipper, and plenty loft space.

This sleeping bag offers warmth, and a wide spacious room perfect for those who do not want to be constricted when using the bag. It also has a stuff sack perfect for worry-free backpacking.

Interior Length – 64’’, 70’’, 78’’

Comfort Rating – 20°F

Weight – 1 lb., 2lbs.

Insulation – Down


REI Co-op Magma Trail Quilt 30 – best camping quilt

The REI Magma Trail Quilt 30 is a perfect alternative to the usual mummy sleeping bag. It is lightweight and only weighing just 1 lb. 4 oz. It does not have a hood, a zipper, or a back like any sleeping bag, saving weight to carry.

best compact sleeping bag

Many people prefer sleeping under a quilt to be more comfortable than a sleeping bag since it is less constricted and more easily vented. Since it has no hood, you will not feel constrained and it is easier to sleep on your side. It is also convenient to get in and out on the right or left sides since the quilt do not have a zipper.

Interior Length – 72’’, 78’’

Comfort Rating – 30°F

Weight – 1 lb

Insulation – Down


Kelty Unisex Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag – best backpacking sleeping bag budget

Kelty Unisex Cosmic is a comfortable sleeping bag that provides warmth at a reasonable size and weight that is perfect for three-season backpacking. It not expensive, and for its price, it offers decent warmth and roomy space. 

This an affordable option for overnight backpackers. Kelty cosmic has a convenient stash pocket that great for storing your phone and small important belongings. While it has an average rating when it comes to its performance, its price is what makes is excellent. It is a pretty great deal for a sleeping bag.

Interior Length – 77’’

Comfort Rating – 19°F

Weight – 2.13 lbs

Insulation – Down


Hyke & Byke Katahdin Ultralight Sleeping Bag – Ultra Lightweight 4 Season Women Mummy Bag Designed for Backpacking – best backpacking sleeping bags

Save space and shave weight with this super light, compact, durable and moisture resistant sleeping bag. Hydrophobic insulation capabilities and waterproof fabrics trap the heat and keep you warm inside. With its price, it an affordable sleeping bag made from good quality materials making it long-lasting and durable.

Interior Length – 72’’, 78’’, 87’’

Comfort Rating – 10-32°F

Weight – 3 lbs., 4 lbs.

Insulation – Synthetic


Sierra Designs Women’s Backcountry Bed 20 Degree Sleeping Bag – best budget backpacking sleeping bag

This Sierra Designs Women’s Sleeping bag is one of the best budget sleeping bags. This sleeping bag features a thermally efficient sleeping bag and the experience is like you are at the comfort of your own home.

Its key features also include patent zipperless design making your sleep comfortable without feeling constrained. It has oversized integrated comforter making you feel the comfort just like your bed. 

Interior Length – 76’’

Comfort Rating – 16°F

Weight – 2 lbs.

Insulation – Down


Hyke & Byke Eolus Goose Down Sleeping Bag with ClusterLoft Base – Ultra Lightweight 3 Season Women’s Mummy Bag Designed for Backpacking – best buy sleeping bag

This sleeping bag is considered one of the lightest, the most compressible bags with high quality that matches its price. This is perfect for hiking, backpacking, and camping, and the ultimate sleeping bag that saves space and weight.

This model is designed to maximize durability, warmth, and water resistance perfect for a night of worry-free sleep. It comes with a top of the line DWR Treated 400T 20D Rip-Stop Nylon Fabric, heavy duty YKK zippers, YKKAnti-Snag zipper slider designed to keep you warm evenly.  

Interior Length – 72’’, 78’’, 87’’

Comfort Rating – 15-30°F

Weight – 2 lbs.

Insulation – Down


Easthills Outdoors Bison 15 Degree 650 Down Ultra Lightweight 3 Season Mummy Sleeping Bag for Backpacking – best camping sleeping bag

This new three-season sleeping bag is perfect for your next adventure. It has an integrated pillow pocket providing extra comfort and a full- length zipper for easy entry.

It also has thermal efficiency, foot box, draft baffle and a contoured hood that helps trap the heat inside the bag. Included also is their storage sack that helps extend the performance life of your bag without compressing it for too long.

Interior Length – 82’’, 87’’

Comfort Rating – 15°F

Weight – 2.6 lbs.

Insulation – Down


Features to consider when choosing a Backpacking Sleeping Bag for women


The size of your sleeping bag plays a big impact on the quality of sleep that you will get on your trip. And if your sleeping bag is big in terms of its size, you need to take note of the fitting guide before embarking on your adventure. 

One of the best ways to find the right fit for your sleeping bag is to try them first by yourself. And one important dimension that you should take note of is the shoulder girth of your sleeping bag. The shoulder girth is also known as the circumference of the sleeping bag across your shoulders. For women, the suggested should girth is around 56 to 60 inches. 

The next dimension that you should also take note is the hip girth. This is also known as the circumference of the sleeping bag across your hips. Usually, women’s sleeping bags tend to be wider at the hips than that of men’s sleeping bag. The suggested hip width for women’s sleeping bag is at around 60 inches. 


The size of the sleeping bag is determined by two factors: length and weight. The length of your sleeping bag plays an important role in determining its shape and it usually comes with two standard lengths: regular and long. A regular sized woman’s sleeping bag fits up to 5’4 feet height. While a long-sized woman’s sleeping bag can accommodate up to 5’10 feet height. Although you can also buy a short version sleeping bag that best suits a person with a height of 5’0. 

Temperature Rating

In choosing a sleeping bag, you should go for the one that has a lower temperature rating. Why? Because it is always easy to unzip a sleeping bag if you ever feel warmer inside. So, if you will use your sleeping bag into the colder months or season, look for bags that can handle lower temperatures like +15 degrees and lower. And for the summer season, you can opt for +30 degrees and higher temperature rating. 

Also, the temperature ratings given by the sleeping bag companies are more of a suggestion than a rule.  If the bag says 20 degrees that means you will survive the night at 20 degrees it does not mean you will be warm and toasty at 20 degrees.  Its just a word of caution so you know ahead of time.  

Adding a silk liner to your sleeping bag can add some extra warmth and keep your sleeping bag clean as well.  I use this one for my sleeping bag.

Size- compression

The size of your sleeping bag must be based on your height. If the sleeping bag is too short, your head and feet will press against the ends of your sleeping bag, compressing the insulation which makes it less effective. It is more appropriate that you choose a sleeping bag that is longer especially if you need to stay warm, including your foot.


One of the factors that determine the size of a sleeping bag is its weight. Usually, sleeping bags are categorized into two: lightweight and heavyweight. The lightweight sleeping bags are made with high-quality insulation that are lighter in weight. On the other hand, heavyweight sleeping bags are those which make use of synthetic insulation. This kind of sleeping bag is cheaper than the lightweight sleeping bags because of their added weight. 

Insulation – Synthetic vs down

Your choice of insulation is a very important step in choosing the best sleeping bag for you. To guide you with the two types of insulation, we will differentiate them one by one. 

For down insulation, it is very lightweight, easy to compress, excels in both cold and dry conditions, and durable. Although it is more expensive than synthetic insulation, it is the sought after because of its lightweight feature. Plus, it is more durable because it retains more consistent level of warmth for more years. 

For synthetic insulation, it is quick drying, insulates when wet, and non-allergenic. Also, it offers a solid performance at an affordable price compared to down insulation sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is perfect for damp climates because it insulates when wet. 

Durable water resistant

There are some sleeping bags that have shells and is usually made of either polyester or nylon, and it has ah durable water repellent finish to protect the insulation inside the shell from dampness. 

Conclusion: The Best Sleeping Bag for Women

I hope this list helps you decide which is the best sleeping bag for you!  I know there is a lot to think about and that’s why I have put together this article to help.  Choosing the right sleeping bag for your trip is essential whether you are looking for the best compact sleeping bag and best hiking sleeping bag or just the best overall sleeping bag.

This is the one I have been using for years.  Its great for summer nights in the desert where it cools off more than you would think and I have also used it for six months in Africa.  I’ve also written about the best self inflating sleeping pad and the best sleeping pad for side sleepers.  I highly recommend this one that I use as well.

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