Discover Scottsdale’s Buzz: Top 15 Coffee Spots of 2024

15 Best Coffee Shops In Scottsdale, Arizona – Must Visit

Scottsdale Coffee Shops: This article is your passport to discovering the best coffee spots in Scottsdale, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the warmth of welcoming spaces await.

These coffee shops in Scottsdale, AZ have some of the best coffee, pastries, or even breakfast. Whichever place you choose from this list it will be some of the best coffee in Scottsdale.

Delve into the heart of Scottsdale’s bustling coffee scene with this comprehensive guide. Here, we highlight the top coffee shops that have become the talk of the town, each offering a unique experience that caters to different tastes and preferences.

TLDR: Berdena’s and The Henry both stand out as exceptional coffee shops in Scottsdale, each offering a unique blend of atmosphere and quality.

Berdena’s, nestled in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, is celebrated for its artisanal coffee and cozy ambiance, perfect for both casual visits and longer stays.

The Henry, on the other hand, combines the charm of a classic coffee house with the sophistication of a modern restaurant, offering an extensive menu and a comfortable space ideal for both work and relaxation.

Both establishments exemplify the vibrant coffee culture of Scottsdale, making them top contenders for the best coffee shop in the area.

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Here is the best coffee near Scottsdale, Arizona.

Scottsdale’s Top 15 Coffee Havens: A Guide to the Best Cafés in the Area


Berdena’s: A cozy spot in Old Town Scottsdale with indoor and patio seating. Popular for its Smashed Avocado Toast and unique coffee options like Honey Lavender Cappuccino.

  • Personal experience: Cardamom Rose Latte, highlighting their in-house crafted syrups. I found it a delightful spot for both coffee enthusiasts and casual visitors.

Everything is available at Berdena’s. If you want to stay awhile, the location is great in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, with indoor and patio seating.

Berdena’s coffee in Scottsdale coffee old town scottsdale

At Berdena’s, where every desire is met, I’ve found a haven in the heart for coffee Old Town Scottsdale. The cozy yet vibrant ambiance, featuring both indoor and patio seating, invites you to linger and indulge.”

“Having explored the menu, my personal favorite is the Smashed Avocado Toast—a culinary masterpiece that earned praise from the Phoenix New Times. It’s a perfect balance of savory goodness with a delightful zing of red pepper, offering a light and satisfying meal.”

“But the delights don’t end there. Berdena’s prides itself on unique flavors, such as the aromatic Honey Lavender Cappuccino and the exotic Cardamom Rose Latte. These distinctive creations elevate your coffee experience beyond the ordinary.”

“One thing that sets Berdena’s apart is their in-house crafted syrups, ensuring that every sip is a delicate dance of nuanced flavors, never overly sweet. It’s a testament to their commitment to quality and a reflection of the care they put into every detail.”

“In my experience, Berdena’s is not just a coffee shop; it’s a destination for those seeking an extraordinary blend of ambiance and flavors. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or just looking for a delightful meal, Berdena’s is a must-visit.”

By incorporating personal experiences and specific recommendations, this revised Berdena’s listing aims to provide a more engaging and authentic portrayal of the coffee shop.

Schmooze Workspace and Cafe

Schmooze Workspace and Cafe: A combination of coffee shop and workspace, known for its stylish environment and diverse menu. The Croque monsieur and the Mediterranean omelet are highly recommended for breakfast.

  • Personal experience: the space is ideal for both productivity and relaxation. My visit highlighted the vibrant, productive ambiance.visit highlighted the vibrant, productive ambiance.

Schmooze, which focuses on shared office space, first opened its doors in 2018. It’s hip, large, and one of Scottsdale’s top coffee shops for getting some work done.


At Schmooze, I discovered a dynamic blend of shared office space and exceptional coffee. Nestled in the heart of Scottsdale and opening its doors in 2018, Schmooze goes beyond the typical coffee shop, offering a hip and spacious environment perfect for productivity.”

“The attention to detail in the design of Schmooze is nothing short of impressive. From private boardrooms to rentable offices and open tables surrounded by boss-worthy swivel chairs, it provides an ideal setting for work. The outdoor patio, resembling a lush garden oasis, complements the cafe, where you can enjoy high-performance, delicious coffee.”

“The menu at Schmooze goes beyond your expectations for a cafe, featuring a full bar menu and a delectable breakfast and lunch buffet. For breakfast, I highly recommend the Croque monsieur or the Mediterranean omelet. Lunch favorites include the burger, pan-seared fish, and the chicken focaccia sandwich.”

“But what truly sets Schmooze apart is its nightclub-style lounge, where skilled bartenders craft beautiful artisan drinks. It’s the perfect spot to unwind after a long day’s work.”

“Whether you’re in Scottsdale for business or pleasure, Schmooze caters to your demands. The extensive common area is complemented by conference room rentals for larger groups or those in need of privacy.”

“In my experience, Schmooze isn’t just a coffee shop; it’s a dynamic workspace with a diverse menu that caters to both your work and culinary needs. It’s a versatile destination that seamlessly transitions from a productive work environment to a place where you can enjoy a fantastic meal and unwind.”

This revised description aims to highlight the unique features of Schmooze Workspace and Cafe, incorporating personal experiences and specific recommendations for a more engaging and informative portrayal.

Maverick Coffee

Unassuming exterior but vibrant inside, known for its artsy decor and unique coffee flavors like Lavender Cold Brew and Blueberry Cold Foam Iced White Chocolate Mocha.

  • Personal Experience: I was impressed by their ever-changing artwork and cozy seating arrangements.

Maverick Coffee may not appear to be much on the surface, but don’t be fooled. Inside, there’s a lively environment and excellent coffee.

This colorful Scottsdale coffee shop’s turquoise tinted facade invites one inside to discover a choice of couches, high-top stools, and soft seats designed to meet anyone’s long-term seating demands.

They put ever-changing artwork on the walls, replacing it with another amazing piece regularly. Wooden tables with vivid avocado toast, clean-cut breakfast burritos crammed full of the good stuff, and, of course, artsy cups holding quality scalding hot joe topped with heart-warming late art can be found throughout the room.

Lavender cold brews, rainbow lattes, and blueberry cold foam iced white chocolate mochas are among the unique and colorful coffee drinks available at Maverick.

This North Scottsdale coffee shop and roastery serve fresh pastries, vegan donuts, and hearty breakfast burritos in addition to its extensive coffee choices. All of which go well with their selection of hot and cold coffee beverages.

Look for their daily happy hour, which includes a discount on coffee, as well as the highlighted bean of the month. Win a free coffee by beating the barista in a game of rock/paper/scissors on Fridays.

The Henry

At The Henry, I discovered a multifaceted establishment that seamlessly combines a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, and event venue into one unique experience. Stepping into The Henry feels like stepping back into Gatsby-era grace with a touch of modern industrial sophistication.

Personal Experience: A multifaceted establishment combining a restaurant and coffee shop with a Gatsby-era grace. I suggest trying their specialty coffees and enjoying the ambiance, and try the ham and cheese croissant.

The timeless ambiance is evident from the decadence-laced bar to the gleaming outdoor terrace, making it a visual delight. For coffee enthusiasts seeking a blend of excellent coffee and fast WiFi, The Henry’s coffee shop is a haven with plenty of space for productivity.

Upon entering the restaurant, you’re greeted by a coffee bar offering a diverse selection of drinks and pastries. During my stay, I couldn’t resist trying the ham and cheese croissant paired with one of their specialty coffees. The combination was exquisite, showcasing their commitment to quality and flavor.

While The Henry offers an extensive menu for breakfast and lunch, it’s the coffee bar that stands out. The ample tables and seats behind the coffee bar provide a comfortable space to work or unwind with a cup of their exceptional coffee.

If you’re looking for a venue that effortlessly combines workspace with a full food menu, The Henry is among the best coffee shops in Scottsdale. Its expansive interior, coupled with an array of sumptuous chesterfields, creates an atmosphere where you can seamlessly transition from work to relaxation.

In my experience, The Henry isn’t just a coffee shop; it’s a destination that caters to various needs, offering a unique blend of historic charm, modern sophistication, and, of course, exceptional coffee.

This revised description aims to capture the distinctive qualities of The Henry, providing specific recommendations and incorporating personal experiences for a more engaging portrayal.

District Coffee

District Coffee in Scottsdale, which is locally owned and runs, seeks to provide you with the greatest quality, at the best price, and in the best space imaginable.

Personal Experience: A family-friendly spot with a playground and a range of coffee options. I appreciated the kid-friendly area and the quality of their Espresso and cold brews.

At District Coffee in Scottsdale, a locally owned and operated gem, the emphasis is on providing the highest quality coffee in an inviting space. Nestled a few miles east of the 101 on Shea Blvd, it offers a unique combination of a coffee shop and playground, making it a standout destination.

Espresso, cold brew, iced teas, smoothies, and other specialty drinks cater to a diverse range of preferences. The inclusion of a kid-friendly area with various outdoor activities and a playground makes it a family-friendly spot, allowing parents to enjoy their coffee while keeping an eye on their little ones.

Maverick Coffee in Scottsdale may seem unassuming from the outside, but stepping in reveals a vibrant environment and exceptional coffee. With a turquoise-tinted facade, comfortable seating options, and ever-changing artwork on the walls, Maverick Coffee offers a visually pleasing experience.

The menu boasts lavender cold brews, rainbow lattes, and blueberry cold foam iced white chocolate mochas, showcasing the creativity in their coffee offerings. Beyond the beverages, they also serve fresh pastries, vegan donuts, and hearty breakfast burritos, providing a well-rounded coffee shop experience.

Cartel Coffee Lab

Established in 2008, it’s known for single-origin coffees and a cozy atmosphere. Their nitro bottled cold brew is a standout, and you enjoyed the local feel and snack options like house-made pop-tarts.

Located in Old Town Scottsdale, it serves as both a local coffee roaster and a cozy hangout spot. Expertly poured cortados, cappuccinos, and unique flavor combinations like nitro bottled cold brew distinguish Cartel’s offerings.

Locals and travelers alike appreciate the buzzy atmosphere and small snacks like chewy brownies and house-made pop-tarts. For those seeking a true coffee experience, Cartel Coffee Lab stands out among Scottsdale’s favorites.

Press Coffee Roasters in Scottsdale has a compelling story, surviving the Great Recession through dedication to their craft. Established in 2008, Press Coffee has expanded to eight locations around the valley.

They roast their beans, earning numerous awards for exceptional quality. The menu includes a mean breakfast burrito and delectable bacon and egg avocado toast. For coffee enthusiasts, Press Coffee’s commitment to quality is evident in every sip.

Their coffee education classes and accolades from various competitions highlight their expertise, making it a destination for those who appreciate a well-brewed cup.

Press Coffee Roasters

The great recession left Steve Kraus and his wife Tram Mai with little more than their wonderfully picked beans.

With a story of resilience, they offer high-quality coffee and a laid-back vibe. I recommend their breakfast burrito and Ethiopian Guji roast, emphasizing their commitment to quality.

Press Coffee Roasters, born in the midst of the Great Recession in 2008, is more than a coffee spot – it’s a testament to resilience and exceptional taste.

With eight locations scattered across the valley, these folks are serious about their beans, earning accolades as the best coffee roaster in the Southwest.

The vibe is laid-back, the breakfast burritos are legendary, and their Ethiopian Guji roast, scoring 94 points, is a winner. Join their “Coffee 101” classes or grab a cup of their award-winning brew; at Press Coffee, every sip tells a story of quality and passion.


At Fourtillfour, a specialty coffee store and roastery in Scottsdale’s Arts District, car culture collides with coffee culture.

A unique blend of car culture and coffee, offering a tree-covered patio and events like Cars and Coffee. The coffee shop roasts its beans, and I enjoyed the blend of automotive enthusiasm with quality coffee.

The cozy coffee shop offers a lovely tree-covered patio that is excellent for starting your daily routine. Every Saturday, Fourtillfour presents a Cars and Coffee event, which attracts vintage vehicle collectors, spectators, and passers-by looking for some of Scottsdale’s best coffee

If the weather permits, take your coffee to go or relax on the patio. Four til Four also roasts its coffee and sells the bean and if you’re in town on the first Saturday of the month, come by in the morning for Four till Four’s Porche and Coffee meetup. Arrive early because specialty vehicles quickly fill the streets.

Sip Coffee and Beer

Sip Coffee and Beer House is an excellent option if you’re looking for something a little different than your typical coffee shop.

A fusion of coffee and craft beer, offering a diverse menu from smoothies to sandwiches. The environment transitions from a cafe to a full-service bar in the evenings. My experience highlights the unique combination of coffee and beer, making it a versatile and engaging spot.

Sip Coffee & Beer House, where caffeine meets hops, is not your average coffee joint. It’s a quirky fusion of coffee, craft beer, and downright good vibes. Nestled in a restored space, each Sip location oozes character and community spirit.

From protein smoothies to locally brewed craft beer and everything in between, Sip satisfies every craving. Whether you’re in for a caffeine kick, a hearty sandwich, or a chill evening with a cold brew growler, Sip Coffee & Beer House is Scottsdale’s go-to for a unique blend of flavors and laid-back vibes.

Sip Coffee & Beer House is open from the early morning till late at night. For the morning crowd, this neighborhood café delivers excellent coffee and simple, good breakfast selections, then morphs into a full-service bar after dark.

Village Coffee Roastery

Village Coffee Roastery, founded by a scientist in 1996, roasts the finest arabica beans numerous times a week, combining science, technology, and art.

Founded by a scientist, this place stands out for its scientific approach to roasting arabica beans. I enjoyed the fresh, flavorful coffee and the local art, emphasizing the blend of science and community.

Village Coffee Roastery, where science meets art, has been roasting top-tier arabica beans since 1996. Founded by a scientist, their patented scientific process ensures you get the freshest and most flavorful coffee regularly.

It’s not just about the beans; it’s a visual feast too, with local art adorning the walls. Whether you’re sipping a hot cup of joe or enjoying live music events on the weekends, Village Coffee Roastery is a haven for the passionate coffee enthusiast seeking a perfect blend of science, art, and community.

Look no further if you’re a passionate coffee enthusiast with a sincere love for the craft. 

Regroup Coffee and Bicycles

Regroup Coffee and Bicycles began from a desire to provide more to the local coffee and bicycle communities.

A unique spot combining a love for coffee and cycling. I appreciated the organic vanilla latte and the assortment of biking gear, highlighting the unique theme.

Nestled in the heart of Scottsdale, Regroup Coffee and Bicycles isn’t just a coffee shop; it’s a vibrant community hub where the love for coffee and the thrill of biking come together in perfect harmony.

Founded by the dynamic duo, Adam and Nick, this establishment is more than a pitstop – it’s a destination for coffee enthusiasts and biking aficionados alike.

Picture this: A stylish interior adorned with the hum of the Slayer Espresso machine, creating an ambiance that’s both inviting and energizing. Whether you’re a biking enthusiast looking for the latest gear or a coffee lover seeking the perfect brew, Regroup caters to your every need.

Start your day with an organic vanilla latte expertly crafted by their skilled baristas. While savoring your coffee, peruse the retail section stocked with biking essentials, creating a haven for those who seek not just a cup of coffee but an experience that resonates with their passion for two-wheeled adventures.

Regroup Coffee and Bicycles isn’t just a coffee shop; it’s a lifestyle hub. The founders have woven a sense of community into the very fabric of this establishment.

Step inside, and you’re not just a customer; you’re part of a collective that values both the art of brewing the perfect cup and the freedom of exploring the world on two wheels.

Whether you’re a biking enthusiast seeking the latest accessories, a coffee aficionado in pursuit of the perfect pour, or someone who appreciates the intersection of these two vibrant worlds, Regroup Coffee and Bicycles is your go-to spot.

It’s where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the excitement of planning your next biking adventure, creating an atmosphere that goes beyond the ordinary – it’s a lifestyle, it’s a community, and it’s an experience waiting to be savored.

Yellow Spruce

Known for its locally roasted coffees and wide selection of gelatos. The affogato was my favorite, reflecting the owner’s passion for coffee and community.

The owner of Yellow Spruce began with a dream and a love of coffee. He is former law enforcement and military veteran who understands the value of patriotism and community.

Coffee has long been a staple in bringing people together.

Locally roasted coffees and a large assortment of gelatos are available at this historic Old Town Scottsdale coffee shop. Yellow Spruce can also impress your taste buds with their exquisite affogato if you like your espresso with a side of sweetness.

Yellow Spruce is a symbol of one’s beginnings, which began in the Colorado pines and now lays securely in the Arizona desert. In both leisure and service, their travels have taken them all over the world.

JOJO Coffeehouse

In the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, JOJO Coffeehouse isn’t just a place for coffee; it’s a modern farmhouse-style haven where craft breakfast, brunch, and community converge.

A modern farmhouse-style coffeehouse with a focus on craft breakfast and brunch. I enjoyed the cold coffee flight and the cinnamon roll pancakes, complemented by live music.

Locally owned and operated, JOJO has carved its niche as a go-to spot for those seeking not only unique coffee blends but also a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Imagine stepping into JOJO, greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the inviting vibe of the Scottsdale Arts District. This isn’t just a coffeehouse; it’s a community-driven, socially conscious eatery with a focus on the arts. Live music sets the backdrop on weekends during breakfast and brunch hours, creating a harmonious blend of caffeine, culinary delights, and artistic flair.

The menu at JOJO Coffeehouse is a culinary journey, featuring breakfast and brunch options that range from traditional favorites to innovative creations. But it’s not just about the food; it’s about the experience. Picture yourself sipping on a cold coffee flight or savoring a stack of cinnamon roll pancakes while immersed in the vibrant surroundings of Old Town’s shops, art galleries, and boutiques.

For music lovers, JOJO Coffeehouse provides more than just a delightful meal; it’s a sonic experience. Live music on Saturdays and Sundays adds a rhythmic touch to your brunch, turning it into a delightful affair for friends and family alike. The ambiance is warm, the coffee is exceptional, and the sense of community is palpable.

JOJO Coffeehouse isn’t just a coffee spot; it’s a cultural hub where the love for coffee, culinary craftsmanship, and artistic expression come together. Whether you’re a regular looking for your caffeine fix or a first-time visitor seeking a cozy spot to unwind, JOJO Coffeehouse invites you to partake in an experience that goes beyond the ordinary cup of joe – it’s a celebration of flavor, community, and creativity.

Echo Coffee

In the Valley, there are several excellent coffee shops, and Echo Coffee is one of the best in Scottsdale. The cafe is proud to serve only organic beverages and food, and its beans are roasted on-site.

Organic-focused café with beans roasted on-site. My visit was marked by a cozy ambiance and the freshness of their coffee offerings.

Nestled among the excellent coffee spots in the Valley, Echo Coffee stands out as a haven for those who appreciate their brews with a touch of organic goodness. With a commitment to serving only organic beverages and food, Echo Coffee has become a staple for Scottsdale locals seeking a warm and inviting spot to savor quality coffee.

Step inside Echo Coffee, and you’ll find more than just a cafe; it’s a place where conversations flow as smoothly as their freshly roasted beans. The atmosphere is cozy, welcoming you to hunker down for some work or simply enjoy a one-on-one meeting in a relaxed setting.

Every cup at Echo Coffee tells a story of dedication to the craft. Their beans, roasted on-site, add a layer of freshness to your coffee experience. The baristas are not just purveyors of coffee; they’re storytellers, ready to guide you through the nuances of their freshly roasted beans.

And let’s not forget the little details – the bags of whole bean coffee adorned with images of cherished pets, adding a personal touch to your coffee purchase. It’s this warmth, both in atmosphere and service, that sets Echo Coffee apart.

Whether you’re there for a casual catch-up, a solo work session, or simply to enjoy a cup of quality coffee, Echo Coffee offers more than just a beverage – it’s a comforting space where the simple act of sipping coffee becomes a delightful experience.

Where to stay in Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale makes for a great weekend escape. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, and being in nature does a world of good for the soul. I recommend staying in a resort and treating yourself with a spa pool to relax at night.

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